Data center cabling lacks the attention it deserves

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In the early stages of operation, managers generally hold the "connectivity can" luck, the computer room wiring does not attach importance to the result of frequent network connection errors, but also may affect the energy dissipation, and at this time, they do not know why.

Current standards and trends of wiring products

With the network transmission standard 10G BASS-T release, to meet the 100 meters of channel transmission. Internationally recognized cabling standards have already defined the next generation of six types of cables, and the North American Tia/eia 568C standard defines them as 6-a-type cables, which is what we often call the enhanced 6 category; The European ISO IEC 11801 Standard, which defines the 6 A-class cable as class EA level. and 7 type and Super 7 type of cable, because of high cost, so the current use of the country is not many.

At present, a number of data centers are still using the 5-class copper cable plus 62.5/125 micron OM1 multimode Optical Cable combined wiring system mode. The upcoming North American data Center standard TIA-942A the minimum category of copper for a data center cabling system to 6 categories, which are defined as Wanchaodo mode OM3, OM4, or Single-mode.

When it comes to fiber optics, as a new generation of wiring products, it's faster and less disturbed by the outside world. But can optical fiber become the inevitable trend of next generation wiring, and replace copper? Although the fiber is more advantageous in speed and security, it will be complementary to the copper cabling system in terms of the future development trend of cabling system, which is based on the following considerations:

1, all the deployment of optical fiber systems, the overall cost of the network is far higher than the copper cable

2, the optical fiber interface of active equipment energy consumption is higher, recommended light copper combination

3, copper cable wiring system speed can meet the million trillion demand

4, security problems can be achieved by shielding the twisted-pair line system

5, the current popular Poe technology is not like twisted pair of copper wire can be directly applied to optical fiber

Data center wiring cannot be ignored

Cabling System is an important part of the data center infrastructure, linking all the key facilities. But people lack due attention to wiring products. We often see inside the room wiring whack, unsightly. What is the cause of this phenomenon?

The first is because the cabling system accounts for only 10% of the overall network cost, not enough attention, and secondly because the initial wiring system design does not take into account the rapid development of the network of mobile, increase and change, the results of the original wiring structure services do not adapt to the changes in the key facilities, resulting in bridging, the phenomenon of random connection.

However, when people find that the network problem is largely due to the physical layer of the integrated wiring, they will realize that the data center wiring can not only be satisfied with connectivity, cable management disorder caused the computer room wiring chaos, seriously affecting the data center network. Therefore, more and more users understand that the data center wiring is not "can connect", the product should have the following characteristics:

1, support high-speed transmission performance to meet current and future needs

2, high-density, modular, pre-connection

3, intelligent management, can be monitored remotely

4, the optimized cable management

As the data center personnel's wiring consciousness is increasing, the demand of the wiring market is increasing gradually. At present in China, we can see more than 20 wiring brands, and the market share of the larger or amp, kombucha and so on.

For everyone more concerned about the fake problem, Xu Nan said that the current major brand manufacturers have a corresponding anti-counterfeiting measures, and with people's attention to wiring, fakes will be rejected by users because of its inferior quality, and currently 6 categories and more wiring products are gradually popular, and these for counterfeiters, Due to lack of technical capacity and the reason for the narrowing of profit margins, so less involved. Therefore, fake goods will not become a stumbling block to the development of domestic wiring market.

As an important part of the data center infrastructure, the integrated wiring is being paid due attention, because the cost is not equal to the importance, if not in this 10% of the network cost of intentions, I am afraid will be 70% of the network error.

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