Data recovery process for Dell PowerVault NF500 raid

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[Data recovery failure description]

A Dell PowerVault NF500, 3 300G SAS hard Drive composed of the RAID5 logical volume, the operating system for WSS 2003, two hard drive offline led to the entire NAS system is not working, Dell engineers forced the data after the failure to recover successfully.

The original logical volume is divided into C, d two areas, C for the system partition, you can reload, D is the data area, just export.

[Data Recovery analysis]

Classic RAID failure, when the RAID5 has 1 hard drives offline, because the system can work, did not do processing, and then another hard drive offline, the raid will not continue to work. It is not possible to use the Dell RAID controller for data recovery because the offline hard drive is physically unstable and cannot be forced to succeed online.

Simply build the virtual RAID environment manually and reorganize the data with the correct structure.

[Data recovery process]

1, the 3 hard disk to do a full image. Reference Me (Tommy) other articles

2, the image of the RAID structure analysis, determine the disk sequence, block size, check mode and early offline hard disk (this example disk sequence for 1,3,2 64K block size, 321 dynamic calibration, 2nd disk early off-line).

3, according to the resulting RAID structure data reorganization, interpretation of the file system, export all data to another storage body.

[Data Recovery Results]

Lasted 4 hours, data 100% was restored successfully.

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