Data security and disaster recovery

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Data security is a very broad category, and simply is the use of off-the-shelf or user-defined software or hardware technology to establish a system to prevent malicious damage or to compensate for operational errors. Data backup as a way of protecting data security is a way to prevent data loss by copying data in advance. The goal of data recovery is to find and save in the computer system by certain technical means to be destroyed, through the general method has been unable to obtain data files, that is, even if the destruction has breached the firewall, or backup files due to various factors have been destroyed, It is still possible to recover the lost data completely through data recovery technology.

There are three types of technologies that have data recovery capabilities on the market:

The first class, data backup class software built-in data recovery function, its data recovery function by backup or storage data to restore the original state to achieve. With the development of the corresponding technology of cloud computing, this kind of data recovery method is recognized by more and more enterprises;

The second type, anti-virus software built-in data recovery function, its data recovery function is relatively limited, the cause of data loss outside the virus is often helpless;

Third, professional data recovery software, in addition to data recovery, data storage and other functions, it emphasizes the post-remediation function, that is, without destroying the original system, for any reason damaged data can be repaired.

From the practical operation, the threshold of three kinds of data recovery technology is not high, and the factors which lead to the differentiation are mainly the granularity of recovery, the cost of recovery, etc.

Datto, which focuses on data backup, has achieved nearly $100 million in revenue in 2014, up 32 times times in 2010. Today, more than 400 employees at Datto are supporting 5 million customers worldwide, some of which are located in Greenland. And in the domestic, just set up less than two years of wood wave technology, with its in the field of data backup in the cloud rapid cut-in, has accumulated nearly 100,000 of users, and in the last year successfully received tens of millions of Yuan Angel investment, the current new round of financing is ongoing.

Now, more and more enterprises are aware that the self-built data backup center is not only a large upfront investment, but also the maintenance of operations need to invest a larger workforce. As a result, data cloud backup storage has become the most used area in the cloud computing industry today. Larger disaster backup device providers and data communication providers are increasing their services. For example, IBM has established multiple disaster backup recovery centers around the world to provide customers with a real-time backup of their devices. At present, the disaster backup centers in Hong Kong and Shanghai are mainly for foreign companies in China. They will also be in the country to establish a corresponding disaster backup center, to provide more customer service support.

From the earliest simple direct-attached storage (DAS), to the coexistence of direct-attached storage with SAN, NAS, IP networked storage, to the advent of cloud data backup and security services, it can be said that the development of data storage management is inseparable from the growing demand for data backup of small and medium-sized enterprises. And the progress of data backup technology to ensure that the small and medium-sized enterprise data system steadily moving to a complex and growing, for the growth of SMEs.

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Data security and disaster recovery

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