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Qian candy Tang, Hsing kenth CHENG:Optimal Location and pricing of Web Services intermediary. Demo-support systems 40 (1): 129-141 (2005)
Web service intermediary (WSI): this role is composer.
Problem: we consider the joint demo-location and pricing problem in a market of complementary web services.
On the market, two providers provide S1, S2, and WSI, respectively, which can combine S1 and S2 into a service for users,
You can directly request the merging service from WSI when you select the service, or you can request services from providers and merge them by yourself.
From the perspective of Price + response time.
For WSI, providers are its competitors. WSI should select the appropriate location to have the advantage of price and response time in the competition.

Oliver Günther, Gerrit Tamm, Frank leymann,Pricing Web Services, Int. J. Business Process Integration and Management, vol. 2, No. 2 pp. 132-140,200 7
This article is a survey report of the author. It has designed some questions. According to the answers answered by more than 200 students, it has obtained some conclusions, such
Users prefer to combine services by themselves ,;
The price you are willing to pay for the combined service is lower than the price for the separately purchased component service;

Common pricing mechanisms: usage-based pricing model, subscribe, auction, Negotiation

Justin O 'Sullivan, David Edmond, Arthur H. M. Ter Hofstede:The price of services. Icsoc 2005: 564-569 (extensive read)
Some factors related to the price of WS are analyzed: price validity, conditions, refund procedure, and so on. ws composition is not involved.

Jia Zhang, Ning Zhang, Liang-jie Zhang:Auction-based pricing model for Web Service Providers. Int. J. Web Service res. 3 (3): 82-107 (2006)
The idea of the paper is relatively simple, but it is equivalent to YY.

Inbal Yahav, Avigdor gal, Nathan Larson:Bid-based approach for pricing Web Service. OTM conferences (1) 2006: -376
Related work: (1) pricing Web Services (2) Online Scheduling

Martin Bernhardt, Oliver Hinz:Creating Value with interactive pricing mechanic-a Web Service-Oriented Architecture. CEC 2005: 339-346
Interactive pricing using Web Service/SOA

George Eby Mathew, Joseph shields, Vikas Verma:QoS Based Pricing for Web Services. Wise workshops 2004: 264-276

Kevin ho, John sum, Gilbert H. YOUNG:Pricing Web Services. GPC 2006: 147-156

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