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University during a blue-dominated text book, about 20 centimeters, about 13 centimeters wide, the cover of the central writing "data structure" four big black words. In the first class, the teacher said meaningfully, "This is a basic course, very important, although you may not fully understand now." At that time, I believe the teacher said very important words, but my heart is full of "not everyone can understand, but I can" confidence. ~ ~, often looking back at this knowledge, all feel the need for self-confidence, but also need practical details.

There may be different depth, different levels of understanding and extension for "Data structure and algorithm" in different periods. At the moment I'm one to say "data", "Structure", "algorithm".


"I" can be a data, "small left", "small right", "small Still", "small summer" are data

"I love to eat pipa", "I like the book", "I often do sports" ... It's all data.

"I", "Love to Eat Pipa", "like to see Murakami's novel", "often do exercise is yoga" ... "This object is also a data

Data is our research object, we can study ourselves, others, a group of people, a class of people, a flower, a bunch of flowers ...


"I" and "small left", "small right", "small Still", "Little Summer" are classmates relations, equality and fraternity of the collection structure

"I" and "small left" is a colleague relationship, "Xiao Shang" is our leader, distinct tree structure

"I" and "small rice" are close friends, "small rice" and "small right" are also close friends, "I" and "small right" are also close friends, "small right" and "big left" are close friends ..., mysterious and interesting diagram structure

"I" and "small rice", "small right" to buy bread, line up the checkout, "I" is the first, followed by "small rice", and finally "small right", the rules obediently polite linear structure

"Big rice" this person:

Hobbies: Colored small objects, Murakami, yoga, soft and clean lawn sleeping "set"

Relatives: brother, sister, father, mother, Grandpa, niece "tree"

Major: Web front-end development engineer

Amateur: Painting, writing "development, painting, writing related to each other promote:" "Development work done-> painting, writing: Linear"


A group of children, according to height from high to low row, how to operate? "The scene that everyone may have been through."

Scenario One:

A row of children in the playground, row between only one person distance, 3 grade boys row is not lined up.

The teacher said, "in the middle of the small rice classmate as the center, the first classmate started, if it is shorter than the rice is not moving and raise their hands report;

Then the two students exchange position, before and after comparison to Rice classmate, rice with do not move, rice before the classmate for a team, Rice after the classmate for another pair, start before the same comparison exchange, students! Do you understand? ”

"Teacher, we don't understand ... Got it.. "~ ~ The little classmates were calling.

Scenario Two:

On the playground, 3 grade Class 7 students in physical education, there are a few naughty boys late, the teacher will they call to an empty place alone,

"In line with height from high to low, start, right now!" ”


There are a lot of classic efficient algorithms, how to choose?

What is the key to doing? know what your research is like? "Quantity, order, regularity, stability, environment ... " put the object in a specific context story, add five sense of information, analysis, imagination, abstraction, and essence "filter out essential elements"the scene of the usual work ...?

data, structure, algorithm

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