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* Date Format 1.2.3
* (c) 2007-2009 Steven Levithan
* MIT License
* Includes Enhancements by Scott Trenda
* and Kris Kowal
* Accepts a date, a mask, or a date and a mask.
* Returns A formatted version of the given date.
* The date defaults to the current date/time.
* The mask defaults to DateFormat.masks.default.

var dateformat = function () {
var token =/d{1,4}|m{1,4}|yy (?: yy)? | ([HHMSTT]) \1?| [llosz]|] [^"]*"|' [^ ']* '/g,
TimeZone =/\b (?: [Pmcea][sdp]t| (?:P acific| mountain| central| eastern| Atlantic) (?: standard| Daylight| prevailing) time| (?: gmt| UTC) (?: [-+]\d{4})? \b/g,
Timezoneclip =/[^-+\da-z]/g,
Pad = function (val, len) {
val = String (val);
Len = Len | | 2;
while (Val.length < len) val = "0" + val; return Val; }; Regexes and supporting functions are cached through return function (date, closure, UTC) {var DF = mask;// Can ' t provide UTC if you skip other args (Use the "UTC:" Mask prefix) if (arguments.length = 1 && (date) = = "[Object String]" &&!/\d/.test (date) {mask = date; date = undefined;}//Passing Date through date applies date.parse, if necessary date = date? New Date: new Date; if (isNaN (date)) throw SyntaxError ("Invalid Date"); Mask = String (Df.masks[mask] | | | mask | | | df.masks["Default"]); Allow Setting the UTC argument via the Mask if (Mask.slice (0, 4) = = "UTC:") {mask = Mask.slice (4); UTC = True; var _ = UTC? "GETUTC": "get", D = date[_ + "date"] (), d = date[_ + "Day" (), M = date[_ + "Month"] (), y = date[_ + "Fullyear"] (), H = Date[_ + "Hours"] (), M = date[_ + "Minutes"] (), s = date[_ + "Seconds"] (), L = Date[_ + "milliseconds"] (), o = UTC ? 0:date.gettimezoneoffset (), flags = {D:D, dd:pad (d), ddd:df.i18n.daynames[d], Dddd:df.i18n.daynames[d + 7], m:m + 1, Mm:pad (M + 1), mmm:df.i18n.monthnames[m], mmmm:df.i18n.monthnames[m +), yy:string (y). Slice (2), yyyy:y, h:h% 1 2 | | Hh:pad (h%), H:h, Hh:pad (h), M:m, Mm:pad (M), S:s, Ss:pad (s), L:pad (L, 3), L:pad (L > 99? Math.Round (L/10): L),
T:h < 12? "A": "P",
Tt:h < 12? "AM": "PM",
T:h < 12? "A": "P",
Tt:h < 12? "AM": "PM", Z:UTC? "UTC": (String (date). Match (timezone) | | [""]). POPs (). replace (Timezoneclip, ""), O: (o > 0?) -":" + ") + pad (Math.floor (Math.Abs (o)/p) * + math.abs (o)% 60, 4),
S: ["th", "st", "nd", "rd"][d% > 3? 0: (d% 100-d%!=) * d% 10]

Return Mask.replace (token, function ($) {
Return $ in flags? FLAGS[$0]: $0.slice (1, $0.length-1);

Some Common Format Strings
Dateformat.masks = {
"Default": "DDD mmm dd yyyy HH:MM:ss",
ShortDate: "M/d/yy",
Mediumdate: "Mmm D, yyyy",
Longdate: "Mmmm d, yyyy",
Fulldate: "dddd, mmmm d, yyyy",
Shorttime: "h:mm TT",
Mediumtime: "H:mm:ss TT",
Longtime: "H:mm:ss TT Z",
Isodate: "Yyyy-mm-dd",
Isotime: "HH:MM:ss",
Isodatetime: "Yyyy-mm-dd ' T ' HH:MM:ss",
Isoutcdatetime: "Utc:yyyy-mm-dd ' T ' HH:MM:ss ' Z '"

Internationalization strings
dateformat.i18n = {
DayNames: [
"Sun", "Mon", "Tue", "Wed", "Thu", "Fri", "Sat",
"Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday"
MonthNames: [
"The Feb", "the", "The Mar", "APR", "may", "June", "may", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec",
"January", "February", "March", "April", "may", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December"

For convenience ...
Date.prototype.format = function (mask, UTC) {
Return DateFormat (this, mask, UTC);

Copy Code code as follows:

var now = new Date ();

Now.format ("M/dd/yy");
Returns, e.g., 6/09/07

Can also be used as a standalone function
DateFormat (now, "dddd, mmmm dS, yyyy, H:MM:SS TT");
Saturday, June 9th, 2007, 5:46:21 PM

You can use one of several named masks
Now.format ("Isodatetime");

// ... Or Add your own
DateFormat.masks.hammerTime = ' hh:mm! "Can\ ' t touch this!";
Now.format ("Hammertime");
17:46! Can ' t touch this!

When using the standalone DateFormat function,
You can also provide the date as a string
DateFormat ("June 9 2007", "Fulldate");
Saturday, June 9, 2007

Note this if you don ' t include the mask argument,
DateFormat.masks.default is used
Now.format ();
Sat June 09 2007 17:46:21

And if you don ' t include the date argument,
The current date and used
DateFormat ();
Sat June 09 2007 17:46:22

You can also skip the date argument (as long as your mask doesn ' t
contain any numbers), in which case the current date/time is used
DateFormat ("longtime");
5:46:22 PM EST

And finally, you can convert the local time to UTC time. Either pass in
True as a additional argument (no argument skipping allowed in this case):
DateFormat (now, "longtime", true);
Now.format ("longtime", true);
Both lines return, e.g., 10:46:21 PM UTC

// ... Or Add the prefix "UTC:" to your mask.
Now.format ("Utc:h:mm:ss TT Z");
10:46:21 PM UTC

Mask Description
d Day of the month as digits; No leading zero for single-digit days.
dd Day of the month as digits; Leading zero for the single-digit days.
ddd Day of the week as a three-letter abbreviation.
dddd Day of the week as it full name.
m Month as digits; No leading zero for single-digit months.
mm Month as digits; Leading zero for single-digit months.
mmm Month as a three-letter abbreviation.
mmmm Month as its full name.
yy Year as last two digits; Leading zero for years less than 10.
yyyy Year represented by four digits.
h Hours; No leading zero for single-digit hours (12-hour clock).
hh Hours; Leading zero for single-digit hours (12-hour clock).
H Hours; No leading zero for single-digit hours (24-hour clock).
HH Hours; Leading zero for single-digit hours (24-hour clock).
M Minutes; No leading zero for single-digit minutes.
Uppercase M Unlike CF timeFormat ' s m to avoid conflict with months.
MM Minutes; Leading zero for single-digit minutes.
Uppercase mm Unlike CF timeFormat ' s mm to avoid conflict with months.
s Seconds; No leading zero for single-digit seconds.
ss Seconds; Leading zero for single-digit seconds.
lorL milliseconds. lgives 3 digits. L Gives 2 digits.
t lowercase, Single-character time marker string: a or p.
No equivalent in CF.
tt lowercase, Two-character time marker string: am or pm.
No equivalent in CF.
T Uppercase, Single-character time marker string: A or P.
Uppercase T Unlike CF ' s t to allow for user-specified casing.
TT Uppercase, Two-character time marker string: AM or PM.
Uppercase TT Unlike CF ' s TT to allow for user-specified casing.
Z US timezone abbreviation, e.g. EST or MDT. With non-us timezones or in the Opera browser, the GMT/UTC of the offset is returned, e.g. GMT-0500
No equivalent in CF.
o GMT/UTC timezone offset, e.g. -0500 or +0230.
No equivalent in CF.
S The date ' s ordinal suffix (st, nd, Rd, or th). Works, with d .
No equivalent in CF.
'…'or"…" Literal character sequence. Surrounding quotes are removed.
No equivalent in CF.
UTC: Must be the four characters of the mask. Converts the "date from" Utc/gmt/zulu time before applying the mask. The "UTC:" prefix is removed.
No equivalent in CF.
Name Mask Example
Default DDD MMM dd yyyy HH:MM:ss Sat June 09 2007 17:46:21
ShortDate M/d/yy 6/9/07
Mediumdate Mmm d, yyyy June 9, 2007
Longdate Mmmm d, yyyy June 9, 2007
Fulldate dddd, mmmm d, yyyy Saturday, June 9, 2007
Shorttime h:mm TT 5:46 PM
Mediumtime H:mm:ss TT 5:46:21 PM
Longtime H:mm:ss TT Z 5:46:21 PM EST
Isodate Yyyy-mm-dd 2007-06-09
Isotime HH:MM:ss 17:46:21
Isodatetime Yyyy-mm-dd ' T ' HH:MM:ss 2007-06-09t17:46:21
Isoutcdatetime Utc:yyyy-mm-dd ' T ' HH:MM:ss ' Z ' 2007-06-09t22:46:21z

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