DatePicker: Time Picker

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It's really a pit-daddy today.

Project to use the React-bootstrap control Library, because some places to enter the time, if you choose the user manually input, one is to give the user experience is poor, the second is their own write check also trouble, think of using time selector, search the relevant library, decided to choose with Bootstrap-datepicker, write a demo test alone, feel good, the results put in the project, the situation is all, one is the wrong style, the second is the operation is not responding, (>﹏<. ~ Today quickly toss a day, a variety of library, because of the limitations of the project structure, some libraries can not be used directly, the feeling is still no bootstrap-datepicker suitable, and then try several times in the afternoon, and finally find the reason O (╯-╰) O, Previously used react-bootstrap control, binding time selection of the input box is also the React-bootstrap control, and then there is a problem, there is a conflict between the two, replaced by the normal input tag is OK

Date Selector Bootstrap-datepicker, demo

Date Time picker, This project is a branch of the Bootstrap-datetimepicker project , the original project does not support the Time selection

DatePicker: Time Picker

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