DB2 Content Manager V8.3 Portlets V3.1 Introduction

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Compared to the previous DB2 Content manager V8.2 portlet version, ibm®db2®content manager V8.3 Portlets V3.1 offers many new features and significant improvements. It is also extended to use the services provided by the DB2 Content Manager V8.3 Server to support more advanced user functionality and richer data models. This article helps you familiarize yourself with the DB2 Content Manager V8.3 Portlets V3.1, including usage scenarios, installation procedures, and configurations that help you deploy. The functionality of the DB2 Content Manager V8.3 portlets and Eclient V8.3 is also compared.


IBM DB2 Content Manager (CM) provides an enterprise-class contents management infrastructure that manages large collections of digital content, including text, graphics, images, video, audio, and web content. It is designed to be easily integrated with customer service, enterprise resource planning, Digital asset management, and other applications.

IBM Websphere®portal provides a standard infrastructure platform for building web-based enterprise applications. It allows multiple web-based applications (called Portlets, which may be developed by different organizations) to coexist in the same Web page.

IBM DB2 content Manager V8.3 Portlets V3.1 (CM V8.3 Portlets V3.1) is a web-based application running in the WebSphere Portal environment, DB2 content Manage R V8.3 Server provides a full-featured, customizable front-end.

What are the new features of CM V8.3 Portlets V3.1

The previous DB2 Content Manager V8.2 Portlets (CM V8.2 Portlets) version supports the following primary functions for the DB2 Content manager V8.2 Server:

Import documents and Create folders

deleting Documents and folders

Parameter Search and Text search

Update document and folder properties (multilevel subcomponents)

Viewing documents using the Transform Viewer

Downloading documents

The CM V8.3 Portlets V3.1 offers many new features and significant improvements compared to the previous CM V8.2 Portlets version. It also expands to leverage the services provided by the DB2 Content Manager V8.3 Server to support more advanced user functionality and richer data models.

The newly added CM features include:

Add/Remove items (documents and folders) in a folder

Check in and check out items

Create and view versions of a project

Create, append, and view documents Notelog

Create, update, and delete document annotations (using the applet viewer)

Send a document in an e-mail message

Document Routing Support

View a user-defined and system-assigned work list

Add/Remove items in a process

pausing and resuming processes

Viewing and editing process variables and information

Foreign key and CLOB property support

Log off and log on again

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