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Not long ago, the authoritative analysis agency released a 2007 survey of the starting salaries of technicians from different industries in the United States, showing that the highest starting salary was DBA (database Administrator-certified) DB administrator--, which has an average starting salary of $84,750 (annual salary) in the U.S. From this, we can see the DBA's "fiery", and it is not difficult to see the lack of DBA talent.

Due to the lack of meticulous division of labor, certification authority and other reasons, the DBA treatment is difficult compared with the United States, and the general domestic small database to save cost is not equipped with professional DBA. So what is the need for a future DBA in the country, and what kind of authentication should the DBA have, and which database to specialize in? With a lot of questions reporters interviewed Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. database architect Feng Dahui, he is responsible for Alipay database maintenance and database architecture planning and other related work.

Reporter: Because of the domestic division of labor is not thin and you know that China's developers are required to read widely, most enterprises will not be dedicated to the DBA, the importance of not high enough. Can you talk about the situation of our DBA in recent years, combined with your experience.

Feng Dahui: I joined Alibaba in March 2005 and has been responsible for maintaining the Alipay database for several years. Ali Group's DBA team is relatively professional, but also more mature, in recent years, has also been new colleagues to join. Team for the technical requirements of members, I personally think that in the relational database this piece or to be as professional as possible, and then in the professional premise as far as possible to master some relatively high degree of technology, such as storage technology, data security.

In recent years, the domestic DBA group development is relatively rapid, in the domestic relatively large database technology forum (such as itpub) to participate in the discussion of the DBA is more and more (of course, the depth of technology may also be diluted a number of). The recent emergence of independent DBA consultants in the country was not a realistic thing to do a few years ago. This also explains, the database technology Service market demand gradually big rise.

As for the domestic DBA, I think it should be a bit higher than the general developers, after all, data is the lifeblood of enterprises, those in the past not enough to pay attention to the number of enterprises may be some lessons. Of course, the pressure on the DBA is also relatively large, but also a somewhat risky "job". Compared with foreign pay ratios, domestic DBA salaries are somewhat lower than those of foreign peers.

Journalist: What do you think about the future needs of Chinese DBAs?

Feng Dahui: My humble opinion, in the years to come, the need for DBAs, especially for senior DBAs, is growing. At present, the domestic economic situation is hot, the speed of enterprise growth is also more alarming, the value of the data will be more and more high, from this point of view, it will need more professional DBA.

On the other hand, the DBA's technical level distribution is basically "pyramid type", the primary is always the most, intermediate second, senior is always a minority. And, as some of the senior DBAs ' career-development plans change, or change with age, they may turn to other positions, and the vacant post needs always need someone on top.

Journalist: Many IT pros say they want to work with DBAs, but don't know how to make themselves more "professional," don't know what to get, and don't know which database to specialize in, can you please give them some advice on how to do that?

Feng Dahui: A friend asked me a similar question, said "want to engage in DBA," but I think a lot of people still view the attitude of the river, always feel that the DBA is a good position, in fact, any one position to do the same, the most suitable for their own is the best.

Now in the country, the certificate is not very useful, especially without any experience background of the case of textual research. Many students in school, looking for a braindump, back for a few days, can also test, in this case, the certificate is basically devalued, of course, I do not deny that the certificate at some point is indeed a stepping stone.

As for what kind of database to specialize in, certainly still want "the thing to dilute is expensive", must consider the market demand degree at the same time. A few years ago, Oracle domain DBAs were relatively deficient, so there would be a group of technicians pouring into the market, and Oracle's market was doing well. But from the current trend of industry development, mature MySQL DBA is relatively deficient. As I know, many WEB 2.0 companies are recruiting MySQL-related talent. But one of the biggest problems with MySQL is that it is too easy to get started, and many people think that there is no technical content to attack other areas of technology, but in fact, just go on, you will find that the technology area is actually very wide. My suggestion is that MySQL is also great article.

Reporter: Sun acquired MySQL, the mainstream database behind all have it Daniel's support, whether this reflects a certain trend. How do you think this trend affects the DBA?

Feng Dahui: MySQL is a winner in this wave of Web 2.0, but it does not guarantee that Sun will buy MySQL to become a winner, as for the mainstream or not, it depends on the user's acceptance of the next level. If Sun put MySQL on the shelf, or the odd goods pose, the vast number of users to embrace PostgreSQL may also be. I feel similar to the history of the IT industry, on and off, nothing is immutable. Therefore, the DBA can not always hold a database laurels, even if a database manufacturer at the Zenith, who knows what he will be in a few years? For DBAs, a little technical reserve is needed for the winter.

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