Dbcad Dev cad/dwg/dxf Edit and display controls

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Dbcad Dev is a very good CAD control product that integrates technology such as CAD, AM/FM, GPS and RDBMS to make related application development quick and easy

Dbcad Dev allows users to use the following features

    • can display pictures, maps and images in a more popular raster and vector file format;

    • can display multiple drawings, maps and image files at the same time, and no size restrictions;

    • Ability to create and edit graphical objects;

    • can input and output vector data to/from a standard database, then use DBCAD's low-level functions or manage data directly from selected RDBMS;

    • The vector entity and the database record can be connected together with a unique identifier;

    • Can add raster and vector images, connect data, display parameters and make graphical changes in real time;

    • Dbcad Dev allows users to develop very complex applications within a single feature range;

    • Advanced usage can be used to develop graphical applications;

    • The low-level usage can give the user maximum freedom and authority;
      This structure ensures that the development time is proportional to the complexity of the model, allowing it to be as short as possible.

Key Features

    • Vector files: autocad®dwg format/dxf, MICROSTATION®DGN, esri®shape file format, etc.

    • Raster file (raster files): Supports TIFF, JPG, BMP and other file formats.

    • Support 2D drawing, layer, zoom, overview, database link, print and print preview, Crosshatch, Text Style (TTF), block quality, line type, snapshot, orthogonal, grid and other functions.

Additional Drive Features

    • SHP Drive: Provides the ability to display, input, query, and edit localized shape files.

    • Oracle Drive: Provides the ability to create, enter, select, and edit vector data in a database table in the oracle® Standard Edition.

    • MrSID drive: Supports SID file Format (LizardTech mrsid®).

    • ECW Drive: Supports ECW file format (Earth Resource Mapping ermapper®).

    • Original from http://www.cadkong.com/pdt/3855 for free download use

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