DBImport v3.5 Chinese Release: Database timing synchronization and document generation tools (IT staff required)

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Take advantage of the recent break time, can only more diligent: write more code, more update articles.

Because once a new job is put in, it is estimated that the blog will return to a few years before it can be produced.

For Dbimport, because the user's opinion, added a highlight function, let the software B to the database synchronization tool, so the value of the introduction.

Major feature updates compared to the previous version:

1: Optimize the efficiency of MySQL import.

2: Increase the timing function (b-boost to data sync function).

3: Optimize the exported table script and data script.

4: Upgrade from. NET 2.0 Yi to. NET 4.0 version: (mainly to support Oracle:Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll is 4.0 yi)

DBImport V3.5 Introduction: 1: Main diagram: Changes in the interface the main removed the stored procedure paging option, added the Timer function configuration item

The timing function Introduction: (The user reminds me: increases the timing function, then the software has the time data synchronization function, but also is the cross-database)

As a result, the software's B-grid suddenly lifted up, because the market data synchronization software is very expensive, and only suitable for the same kind of database.

Now, there's a simple choice for everyone.

Introduction to the use of the timer function:

1: Tick timed (by day or by interval) = "Action selection will automatically switch to the IV option (auto-identify update or insert by primary key)

2: Tick Check "time ..." (if the table has a edittime or UpdateTime field, the latest updated data will be automatically selected based on this identity)

3: Start the Guide data "If you want to stop, check the timing of the cancellation can be"

PS1: The name of the time field can be configured, see the Config.txt file for the software catalog.

PS2: The following where condition also adds a label [Exetime] for a timer that requires a custom condition.

Application Scenarios:

Previously published the ASP. NET Aries framework of the example station, the results are always disruptive, change the password, delete data to sabotage, affecting other people's use.

Each time is the user reminds me that the account login can not, or the menu is gone, I had to silently open the computer, opened the Dbimport, from the Machine Guide data restore back, tired ah ....

Now throw the Dbimport, timed half an hour to update the data back, all of a sudden worry, no longer worry about these rogue users to destroy data.

If you also have a demo station, afraid of users delete data, hehe, throw a dbimport up, set a timing, tube you love to delete not delete.

2: Main Figure 2: The interface adjusts the order of the databases, adding XML options

Here are several points optimized:

1: When the data script is displayed, it becomes a thread from synchronization (there are multiple user response fields in the card)

2: Modified TXT and XML Export Data script (for JSON-formatted text and XML-format XML)

3: Export MSSQL Data script for nvarchar and other n start fields, add: N "(user response without N, English language environment in Chinese garbled)

4: Exported script processing bit type, unified to 1,0 data. (before MySQL must be false,mssql must be ' False ', there are no quotes to be handled carefully.) )

3: Main Figure 3: Database Link example, choose a sample link here based on different database types

Main Description:

Software Catalog (use instructions must see. txt), such as SQLite, Sybase, Oracle, it is necessary to extract the corresponding DLLs according to the situation to run the software to use.

4: Technical Note on MySQL batch execution

1:mysql.data.dll has a: Mysqlbulkloader class for BULK INSERT.

2: Look at the source code, the bottom is still called the load Data syntax.

3: So the framework goes to call the load data syntax implementation.

4: found that the load data syntax does not support binary and so on.

5: found that the load Data syntax does not yet support bit type (because bit type is in MySQL or binary)

6: Frame When processing: if the data is a number, string, time type, go to load data, and vice versa to go to the original transaction.


There are netizens said: "Autumn production, will be a boutique-I only have to work harder, so as to be effortless, to maintain my open source or open source products."

1: Historical Version collection: http://www.cnblogs.com/cyq1162/category/813601.html


3: This article published within 24 hours (expired invalid), friendship out of praise of the Netizen, can be "" and "the software on the contact author of the machine Information" sent to [email protected] mailbox, will randomly extract the registration code.

DBImport v3.5 Chinese Release: Database timing synchronization and document generation tools (IT staff required)

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