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DDS Converter 2 is a picture format conversion tool developed by Yannick Leon that converts pictures in bmp/png/tga/jpg/psd format to DirectDraw Surface (DDS) format. Software support Batch Conversion DDS files, of course, can also be a single sheet conversion. Then DDS Converter How to use ?

DDS is the abbreviation of DirectDraw surface, in fact, it is the product of DirectX texture compression (DirectX texture Compression, short dxtc). DXTC reduces the texture memory consumption by 50% or more, and has 3 DXTC formats for use, DXT1,DXT3 and DXT5 respectively.

In the Origoengine material system, you can see a lot of DDS files. Can simply think that these DDS files and BMP, TGA and other common picture format, like a record of a picture of information, if we use the DDS plug-in in Photoshop, you can open these files in Photoshop.

Copy the (or downloaded) to the directory of the DDS map converter. exe and the original file segment XX.ORCF, which is the game Data Directory program fileskoeiorochidata.

Execute the DDS map converter. exe, enter the map number XX to be converted, and get the new map data segment xx_new. ORCF.

Execute Orochi file IE tool Orochi_fie.exe, enter "4", then enter the filename xx_new, import xx_new. ORCF.

For new versions of DDS2ORCtex.exe and DDS format maps

You only need to import DDS format map directly with DDS2ORCtex.exe.

I use DDS Converter2.1 bmp to the DDS file how to set up, I only know to choose DXT5 Other will not configure,

The build mipmaps can't be checked.

If the LZ is want to put the previous 4 generation and Snake 1 clothing map import Z, in addition to format Dds,a channel also have to change, otherwise will be the character of the shiny, may be the LZ said the spot!

  2MOD Modification Course of DDS Converter2 Fortress

For the fortress 2MOD modification has always been considered more difficult, in fact, the so-called mod modification is only the use of DDS skin modification, I believe that after reading this tutorial you will be able to change the principle of the Fort 2MOD the principle of the Crusader mod basically consistent, And the dexterity of modification is far higher than the modification of the Crusader mod.

  first, the use of the tool , the first for DDS Converter 2, this software can be programmed to identify the process of the DDS file modified to become our usual use of JPG, BMP and tag files.

The second is PS, of course, is the use of personal comparison, the other map documents can be, this will no longer provide downloads.

Find the skin in the file, that is, the root of the meshesunitsmodels, most of the skin of the model is under this folder, of course, some are still in the other subfolders of meshes, the first thing we have to do is to back up these DDS files, In case of modification, there is no way to restore the skin.

Then turn on DDS Converter 2.

Follow the following action click the Convert button, you can output files, then open the output folder can see the converted format after the skin file!

The following open PS start you mighty change it, from the bottom of the picture can basically distinguish the position of the characters, so play your imagination modify can, this point you need is PS tutorial, I will no longer provide ~

After the modification to save, I am rushing to make a tutorial, so the modification is very simple, we can be completely more detailed changes

Re-open DDS Converter 2, as shown in the following figure, select the output file for DDS format, and then to transform, say, do not forget the game original file backup, the output folder for the skin folder can be, click Conversion.

When you're done, open the game and you'll find that the assassin has made a gorgeous change.

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