Debian/Ubuntu Nginx installation, reverse proxy, and basic load balancing configurations, using tung.pdf

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Debian/Ubuntu Nginx installation, reverse proxy, and basic load balancing configurations, using tung.pdf
Source code Installation

Go to the Nginx official website to download the latest stable version, here is the nginx-1.6.3 version.
After the download is complete, decompress the package and enter the directory for execution:


If your machine is not installedPCERLibrary,zlibLibrary.

sudo apt-get install libpcre3-dev zlibc zlib-bin

Then execute:

sudo makesudo make install

Nginx is installed on/usr/local/nginxDirectory.

Basic configuration of reverse proxy

The default configuration file used by nginx is/user/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf. If the upstream Server is a JBoss cluster, you canhttpBlock to configure as follows:

upstream jboss {    server localhost:8080;    server xx.xx.xx.xx:port    server server-domain-name}

serverBlock to configure as follows:

location / {    proxy_pass http://jboss;}
Simple ip_hash Configuration

In most cases, if nginx is used as the load-based machine, we all want to deliver the same ip address to the game server on the same server every time. The configuration is as follows:

upstream jboss {    ip_hash;    server localhost:8080;    server xx.xx.xx.xx:port;    server server-domain-name}

In this case, if a JBoss fails to be used, you cannot directly Delete the JBoss address from the preceding configuration. Instead, you must:

upstream jboss {    ip_hash;    server localhost:8080;    server xx.xx.xx.xx:port down;    server server-domain-name;}

Then execute

/usr/local/nginx -s reload

Reload the configuration file.

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