Decryption Baidu friendly degree: How to let Baidu fall in love with your site?

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On August 30 for everyone introduced the site can be submitted to the page of Baidu new URL submission tool, Baidu official on September 6, released the news. It is an honor to share some information in advance.


This issue, I will be the first time for everyone to let Baidu fall in love with your site! The content of this article occasionally will be some long-winded place, but I promise, to you webmaster hard to search for the friendliness of Baidu must be a great help! Vomiting blood recommended, the opponent dozen. Hope to be able to have resonance with the webmaster places. Good gossip does not say much, direct start today's topic!

How to let Baidu fall in love with your website!?

Believe that this problem has been plagued by a lot of webmaster. Webmaster also has their own independent views on this issue. After all, do the site is to "not follow"!

Everyone in doing SEO, there must be such a consciousness, do the station must be on search engine friendly, especially in China! As a personal webmaster, must be good for Baidu! So Baidu can give you an unexpected receipt.

The majority of webmaster in doing search engine friendliness when there are the following points of resonance:

1, the website is novel, but does not take the partial door

2, try to avoid flash

3. Use JS code with caution

4, do a good job site map

5, the site within the chain, the construction of the chain to pursue high-quality, complete, concise.

6, the original content is suitable

7. Other

Roughly is the above time! Oh, actually I am here to say a word ... These are good content, but not the official friendly standard Baidu!

Want to let Baidu to your station friendly, and have a good opinion, even fall in love with your website! that your site construction content, at least part of the match with Baidu's Love/association rules! In this way, in the long-term attack and defense war, in order to smooth the "degree Niang" this Chinese down on couch!

Then you webmaster will ask, what is the rules of contact Baidu?

In this particular to the vast number of AdSense materials and Baidu contact the guidelines, when you are building the site must put their own site into the "Baidu Page optimization suggestions tool" rating!

Image above:

Baidu Friendly Degree evaluation:


Http:// score higher, Baidu's impression on your site will be better, friendly nature greatly increased! Even let the mother of this Pandora love your site!

Most importantly, when you evaluate your site, Baidu will give the official optimization advice! Let you build the most friendly site! help you build the most attractive website for Baidu!

Baidu's rating is now more than 99% of the site, very narcissistic! Sina NET, only 61%!

You webmaster, don't be hard to study Baidu friendliness, and quickly go to see Baidu's friendliness rating it! and to test their own site also need to improve what content!

Baidu narcissistic map and the optimization of their own suggestions:


believe that the webmaster through their own efforts will be able to the mother of this beautiful Pandora to marry home!

Comrades, my friends! Our goal is: the "degree Niang" this beautiful Chinese down on couch!

and bitter B of the study, not as bitter B and happy to find out the problem to solve!

Do not need to do Chinese SEO this mody!

This article by the sober stationmaster share with everybody, I have not talked with what the husband only has studied the SEO, does not have the time to construct the website, but I knew what kind of thing may be helpful to the vast research SEO friend. So this time the bold original one to share with you.

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