DedeCMS editor changed to eWebEditor editor

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Step 1:

First download the latest free version of eWebEditor,
The name is eWebEditor V4.6 Lite version,
But in fact there are no defects in the function, just like the paid version V4.6.
The address is

Step 2:

Decompress the downloaded eWebEditor V4.6 lite version of the compressed file,
You will get 7 folders and 3 files,
You only need to include the ewebeditor.htm File: config. ServerExt = "asp ";
This code,
Change to: config. ServerExt = "php ";
In this way, the eWebEdito editor can be used on the PHP System (this editor is highly compatible ).
Upload all the preceding folders and files to the directory: <your website root directory/include/your eWebEditor folder name>.
You 'd better compile a folder name for your eWebEditor folder name by yourself. Do not use the eWebEditor name so that no one else can find your eWebEditor editor to improve website security.

Step 3:

Modify the background HTM file of Zhimeng DEDECMS, insert the eWebEditor, and replace the original FCK text editor.
For example, you need to replace the FCK text editor on the add document page,
Find the/dede/templets/article_add.htm file.
Modify the following code segment in the article_add.htm file:

The code is as follows:

The code is as follows: Copy code
<? Php
GetEditor ("body", $ body, 450 );
Comment out this code first, and the effect is as follows: <td>
<! -- <? Php
GetEditor ("body", $ body, 450 );
?> -->


The code is as follows: Copy code
<INPUT type = "hidden" name = "body" id = "body" value = ""> <iframe ID = "eWebEditor1" src = "/include/your ewebeditor folder/ ewebeditor.htm? Id = body & style = coolblue "frameborder =" 0 "scrolling =" no "width =" 600 "HEIGHT =" 350 "> </iframe>

Insert a comment before the comment. The effect is as follows:

The code is as follows: Copy code

<INPUT type = "hidden" name = "body" id = "body" value = "">
<Iframe ID = "eWebEditor1" src = "/include/your ewebeditor folder/ewebeditor.htm? Id = body & style = coolblue "frameborder =" 0 "scrolling =" no "width =" 600 "HEIGHT =" 350 "> </iframe>
<! -- <? Php
GetEditor ("body", $ body, 450 );
?> -->

This completes the modification of the article_add.htm file.
Note: the iframe code must be inserted before the code to be commented out. Otherwise, the ewebeditor does not support the table containing it, and the display is incomplete.

Step 4:
Replace the modified article_add.htm file with the original file, so that you can refresh the background to add the document page and the new editor will appear.
Note: Other pages that use the text editor can be replaced by the above method.
I hope everyone will enter the new information age and say goodbye to the FCK editor.

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