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used to Dedecms friends know, DEDECMS message board, question and answer module is not a member Space module support DEDECMS commonly used tags, if you use a message board or to modify the words is very inconvenient, the electric business circle to introduce a way to let these modules to support the label, But to understand a little knowledge of PHP to modify the best, before the modification, please note that you need to back up the original file, in order to modify the error. steps are as follows: first step: Open "/include/common.func.php", the file 5.6 version defaults to exist, 5.5 does not exist to build one. then add a function to the file with the following code:
function Pastertempletdiy ($path)
Require_once (dedeinc.) /arc.partview.class.php ");
Global $cfg _basedir, $cfg _templets_dir;
$tmpfile = $cfg _basedir. $cfg _templets_dir. " /". $path;//Template file path
$DTP = new Partview ();
$DTP->settemplet ($tmpfile);
$DTP->display ();
The second step, open the template file of the message, the default is/templets/plus/guestbook.htm
with the following code to replace the reason for the call header code <?php
Pastertempletdiy ("default/head.htm");
Call Tail Code
Pastertempletdiy ("default/head.htm");
space and question and answer methods are used in the second step.

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