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Recently, I have seen many friends asking me how to learn programming. I think this question should be of great interest to all beginners. I have answered a lot on the Forum and talked a lot about it, but it is always impossible for all of my friends to get a answer. So I want to write my own experience and hope to help you. But here I declare that I am not a master, I am just getting started. I just hope to help some friends who have encountered the same problems as me by writing a little personal experience, so that the experts will not be able to read it, so as to avoid a shift.
Well, I will not talk much about it. Before learning the program, I think you should first familiarize yourself with the programmer industry and learn more about the programming language and related tools. It is difficult to give yourself a clear goal to learn about this. First of all, I would like to introduce this industry and some related content here.

Programmers believe that it is a very mysterious, special, or interesting profession in the eyes of many people. Because there are so many heroes in this industry, every hero's deeds are enough to make us enthusiastic. But who knows how bitter and how hard they are hiding behind these heroes. The programmer industry is not as beautiful as everyone thinks. Programmers are an industry without the concept of day and night, while programmers are an exhausting industry. What you see is the glorious history of some heroes, but it ignores the hardships of most programmers. So here I advise you, if you want to join the industry for the sake of legend, and if you want to join the industry for the sake of high salary, please leave now, because he is not suitable for you. What this industry needs is people with hard work, seriousness, and persistence.

When talking about how to learn programming, it is essential to talk about programming languages. I believe everyone knows that there are many programming languages, including C, C ++, BASIC, PASIC, ASP, PHP and so on, which are also divided into many different fields, so you must set your own goals before learning programming, A domain that you are about to enter. Some people want to develop the underlying layer, some want to develop websites, and some want to develop commercial software. Due to the popularity of computers, the software industry is more and more involved, A person cannot be involved in all fields. Therefore, it is very important to give yourself a position before learning, without this positioning, you will be confused in the days to learn programming.
The positioning of the goal is certainly not less of a tool factor, because the development tools used in different fields are also different, here I want to solemnly declare again to all friends, do not confuse development tools with development languages. languages are the foundation of programming, and tools are used to assist development, such as VC, VB, DELPHI, and BCB. Each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. As for the features of each tool, I don't believe it anymore. If you are interested in programming, I believe that you will definitely look at the specific content of these tools. Also, we would like to remind you that it is important not to be confused by popular tools, but to learn well.
The above preparations have been completed, and I have learned about this industry. After setting a goal for myself, I will of course proceed to this goal. What should we do? After reading many posts from friends, I have mentioned that C language is a required language for programmers. If a programmer does not learn C, it is not really a programmer. I personally think this is a bit extreme. Of course, I admit that learning C will be of great help to you, but it is not always necessary to learn C. The reason why we say this may be because the C language has a huge impact. But you cannot ask those who want to learn website development to learn C. In fact, I personally think that it doesn't matter what you learn at the beginning, but no matter what you learn, you must work hard and stick to it. If you cannot do this, you are doomed to be a loser. Here I want to talk about the most important question about programming, that is, thinking. Maybe this is a very abstract concept, but there is no way. Programming itself is a very abstract thing. When you really understand this, congratulations, you are already at the door of programming. How can we comprehend the idea of programming? To understand his thoughts, first of all, learning language is inevitable. Language is a form of reflection of thoughts, just as a person's thoughts need to be expressed by language, therefore, people who cannot even grasp a language cannot comprehend their ideas. However, if a person does not often speak or use language, how can he express his thoughts through language? The same is true for programming. To understand its essence, you must constantly look at and use it to experience it slowly. Of course, some people may be faster and some may be slower, however, regardless of the speed, achieving is progress.

I remember that when I was still confused, I didn't know how to learn it. Every day I read and write code mechanically, and I didn't know whether I really understood it, but it was like constantly reading and writing, and finally one day, as if suddenly opening up, all the things you don't understand at once, this is a bit like the Buddhist epiphany. I first started learning in C language. When I started to learn C language and reached the epiphany, I can tell you, I read a total of five different versions of C language books (but they are all just like watching the flowers and never learn me), until 5th saw the pointer there, I have a clear feeling. Maybe I am too stupid. I believe that reading one is enough, HOHO. Since that time, I have been reading C ++, learning pascal, basic, and compiling these things, and I feel very easy to understand, maybe this is the so-called principle of understanding and understanding. Haha, but here I want to talk about it. Although I have read and understood some of the languages mentioned above, most of them are now returned to books because they are rarely used.

I can see that, including me, I feel very amazing and amazing. Unfortunately, I only know that although I have read so much, learned a lot, and wrote a lot, I don't know how to use it. When I come and go, I write some books, but I feel like those windows programs, but I don't know how to write them. I believe many people share the same experience with me, I learned the C language, and I also did my questions, but I don't know how to develop it. I feel that I have never learned anything useful at all. Why?

Before that, I had been worried about this problem, and then I finally found the answer, that is, what I learned, all written about DOS applications, but what we are using now is indeed a windows operating system, of course there are also linux systems. After reading an article written by someone else, I learned that the difference between what I learned and practical use is too far away. Currently, examples in most programming languages are developed based on the DOS system. Therefore, the programs we write are different from those running on windows, which is the main cause of confusion. What should we do? Are you sure you want to learn about windows development. When I first came into contact with windows development, I was really surprised. This is totally different from what I have learned before, but it is closely related, I cannot understand the content developed by windows. Here is a brief introduction to the differences between windows development and DOS development. As we all know, DOS is a single task execution system, that is to say, in DOS, it can only run other programs after one program is completed or interrupted, while in windows, it is a multi-task system, of course, in essence, windows can only execute one program within one time period. However, because of its CPU computing capability, these delicate periods of time are hard to perceive, and windows is a graphical interface system, has a good user interface, unlike DOS is a command interface. All these differences lead to a big difference between DOS and windows development. Therefore, in addition to learning languages, the primary task for programmers is to learn the windows development mechanism. If you don't even understand this, you certainly won't be able to develop a good windows software. Here, I would like to recommend to all my friends the fifth edition of "windows programming" written by Charles Perzold, an American. This book can be said to be a classic and a must-have book for learning windows development, it is suitable for those who have a C Language base. I don't want to talk about it in detail if it is classic. In short, it will never disappoint you. The market price of this book is RMB 160, which is divided into two copies. If some friends think it is too expensive, I have his electronic version here. If you need it, ask for it, you are always welcome to ask me for this book.

To be honest, I don't know what I wrote. It seems like a mess. I hope you can understand it. After reading the book I introduced and understanding it, I believe that I will not have to talk about how to proceed. At that time, you must know how to learn programming. I have discussed how I learned it. Of course, there are still many details that are not involved, but you are always welcome to talk with me. And now I found that what I wrote above was learning from the C language. In fact, I didn't want everyone to learn from me. I just gave a rough introduction to my learning experience, of course, what else should I do in the future? In fact, I am still exploring. Hey hey, I have written so much nonsense. I just want everyone to understand the truth:
First, you must set a clear goal for yourself.
2. clearly differentiate between languages and tools.
Third, put the idea first, and there are not many excellent languages. It is easy to learn other languages after learning a language.
Fourth, tools are often eliminated. Do not be confused by tools and stick to your own beliefs.
Fifth, No matter what system development you choose, you must first understand the system. Only by understanding the system can you do whatever you want.
It's almost the same. please correct me if it's incomplete or poorly written. I find it all nonsense. Well, that's all. Thank you for learning with me and making progress together, communicate with each other. Of course, the last sentence is still:
Effort + Persistence = Success

Since too many friends reply to the book, you can download it on this page:


If you cannot download it, search for it by yourself. An electronic version of this book is available everywhere on the Internet.

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