Deepin2014.3 installing NVIDIA closed source Drive

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1, access to NVIDIA Linux closed-source drive, into the NVIDIA website direct download, note and system number matching, 32-bit and 64-bit non-universal
: Http://
2. Blacklist the Nouveau open source driver (open source driver and Nvidia closed drive conflict)
The terminal executes the following command: sudo nano/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
The text editor opens the file contents and restarts one line in the last line join: blacklist nouveau
then save the file.
3, disable Nouveau open source drive, grub join Nomodeset parameter stop loading nouveau driver
The terminal executes the following command: sudo nano/etc/default/grub
The text Editor opens the contents of the file, which is the original
grub_cmdline_linux_default= "Quiet Splash"
Change to
grub_cmdline_linux_default= "Nomodeset Splash"
then save the file close.
4. Apply grub modification to make it effective
The terminal executes the following command: sudo update-grub
move the downloaded driver file to the following path (without a colon):/home/yourname/
PS: "yourname" means the name of the Linux account you are creating, such as your username: Zhangcjl
then the path that needs to be moved is:/home/zhangcjl/
5. Install the video driver
Restart, you will find that the quality of the screen decreased, the font becomes larger, indicating that the open source drive has stopped loading.
press the key on the keyboard: Ctrl+alt+f1
Enter the text login interface, enter the user name and password to log in, enter the password will not change, normal phenomenon, after the loss, enter can log in.
execute the following command to close the X-server graphical window interface: SUDO/ETC/INIT.D/LIGHTDM stop
The [OK] result is displayed when the execution is complete, indicating that the X-server has stopped running
execute the following command to install the video driver: sudo sh./*.run
(There's a point in front of the right slash, a little behind the asterisk)
The graphics driver will start extracting and asking if you agree to the agreement, install to dkms, generate xorg.conf
success will be prompted after completion.
6. Execute the following command: sudo reboot
Restart your computer to see if the installation was successful

Deepin2014.3 installing NVIDIA closed source Drive

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