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In the advanced properties of the VPN connection, there is an option-"Use a default gateway on a remote network"-what is the benefit of shutting him down? We know that once the VPN server is connected, our local network data will go through the remote server, and the external IP address will become the IP address of the remote server. The domestic VPN is fine, if the United States.

Then we will be very slow to visit the domestic network data, the reason is very simple, because our external network is already the United States, visit the domestic site is equivalent to spare a lap from the United States to run back, this speed is very slow, many times, We all hope that when we need some information about a remote server or use VPN to access remote computing, we don't want to go through the VPN when we access the local network data, which is what we're going to say today-shut down the VPN connection and use the default remote gateway.

①. Open the properties of a VPN connection (how Windows XP establishes a VPN virtual connection), as shown in the figure:

Double-click TCP/IP protocol

②. In the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties that bounce out, click the Advanced option:

Decisive Click Advanced

③. In the next window, you can see the option to use the default gateway on the remote network, removing the previous tick

Remove "Use default gateway on remote network" √

After clicking on the Confirmation button, the default gateway has been turned off on the remote network. The disadvantage of this is that whenever we need to use a remote computing gateway, we need to manually add some routing tables, which is not suitable for novice operations.

The advantage of the default check for remote network management is: ①. Can hide their real IP address, will not be reverse-lookup IP to find their real address; ② can change the external IP address, this function in many aspects are very useful, we understand; You can access resources to some remote servers without any other action.

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