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Dell released this summer's new variant of the Super Polar product XPS 11, from the name of the new notebook product is a small size, 11.6 inches thin and small shape is its inherent advantages. But that's not all of the XPS 11. The biggest feature of the XPS 11 is the 360-degree flip design, which is similar to Lenovo's yoga 11/11s product, and it can be said that Dell's introduction of the XPS 11 is very targeted at Lenovo's successful yoga products. Although the rollout time is later than yoga, in the actual experience, I think the XPS 11 failed.

Good display effect

Indeed, Dell XPS 11 draws on the many advantages of yoga. One of the most important improvements is the elevation of the screen display effect. The Dell XPS 111 lifts the small size of the HD limit, improves the screen resolution to 2560x1440, and the screen panel uses an IPS touch screen with a wide range of display. The overall display is very delicate, almost on the screen you can not find pixel particles. This is where Dell's XPS 11 has advantages and is indeed commendable.

Experience is poor

Relatively speaking, notebook, ultra-extreme as a tool of production, and our daily use is closely related to the use of feeling is very important, keyboard input experience is one of the important link. However, when you are attracted by the appearance of the Dell XPS 11 and the stunning hyper-screen, Dell XPS 11 is a great disappointment when it is not an entity-key keyboard. Yes, the Dell XPS 11 is just a touch key keyboard, and the typing experience can be very bad, and the XPS 11 is a nightmare for users who often need text input and chat online.

Of course, Dell designed the keyboard has its own reason, the Dell designer is hoping to avoid Lenovo yoga body appeared in the deformation of the next key cap facing the embarrassment, but the complete flat touch keyboard design Although avoid this situation, but to the user experience caused a catastrophic blow. So if you give Dell XPS 111 a comment, it's: Just look, not touch.

Price expensive

In addition to operating experience poor, this machine compared to Lenovo Yoga also has a very fatal disadvantage, that is the price. The machine price is 8999 yuan to sell, and the same positioning high-end can be carried out 360-degree turnover of Lenovo Yoga products a lot higher. You know, yoga was 1000 dollars more than last year. The best selling product in this product, Dell XPS 11 is almost impossible to replicate yoga's success because of the price factor, which is one of the key factors that will not be a hot product.

Summary: Seek out the result outweigh the gains in reference

Reference is a very common phenomenon in the electronic products industry, two manufacturers adopt the same design ideas to produce the final results will lead to the homogenization of products. Of course, Dell is to face the big manufacturers of moral integrity, in the production of the same design ideas products, in the reference to yoga deformation of the same time also in the pursuit of change and beyond. However, the pursuit of change and beyond must choose the right direction, if you improve only small shortcomings but caused a more serious use of the experience drop, then this is equivalent to the loss of watermelon pick sesame, the end will outweigh the gains.

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