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Because of the requirements of Google Play, so that Delphi official passive message: Deadline-approaching-google-s-new-android-api-level-26-requirements

The following is the approximate translation:

Google play requires the app to support at least Android 8.0 (API level 26), as of the following date:
    • August 1, 2018. Android API level 26 for all new apps
    • November 1, 2018. existing apps must be updated to Android API level 26
There are two types of solutions now. Option 1: Get the 10.3 beta release, including support for Android API level 26 Support Android API level 26 changes that require a lot of work and are not possible in the 10.2 update. We plan to provide full support for Android API level 26 in the next major version 10.3 of RAD Studio. While this version takes more time, we know that some customers will soon need a solution. We will invite all active updating subscribers to join our upcoming 10.3 Beta (under NDA). More details about beta and how to sign up will be emailed in the coming weeks-please check your inbox. 10.3 Beta will allow you to target Android API level 26. Although the usual beta restrictions do not allow the build and deployment of production applications, this beta version will have a special EULA that allows you to deploy (production) your Android app to the Google Play store. Being able to participate in our beta program is one of the biggest benefits of updating your subscription. You can use the License Manager to check the number of days remaining in an update subscription. Option 2: Use 10.2.3 instead of using 10.3 Beta to provide Android API 26-level Ready applications, another option is to focus on Embarcadero MVP Dave nottage on how to use Delphi,c + + Builder and RAD Studio 10.2.3 positioning Android API level 26 Excellent blog post:

So, Delphi 10.3 will be released in the next two months!

Delphi 10.3 Latest News

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