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As the Symbian system gradually fell victim to competition on the smartphone platform, Nokia chose meego as its new high-end product solution. The mobile meego version will not be released until March October. Previously, only the user interface and Development Guide were published. Recently, the Demo Video of the meego mobile phone system was unveiled.

The new video shows the basic functions and overall framework of the meego mobile phone system. The demo machine is designed based on the omap4 processor of Texas Instruments. this is the first public demo of the meego touch framework and UI interface. However, the demo system does not include transition effects and animations, so it looks a little smoother.

The video shows the contacts, image libraries, settings, and multi-task switching functions of the meego mobile phone system. In the contact function, you can see the phone number, text message, new contact, and other settings. The Image Library supports touch operations, but it looks very similar to N900. The settings of WiFi, instant messaging, and other options are introduced in the setting options. The instant messaging function integrates communication tools such as Facebook, Google Talk, and jabber.

As previously announced, meego's multitasking switching interface is very similar to WebOS's multitasking Card Switching. Users can choose to switch between different tasks. The screen lock and unlock functions of meego are shown at the end.

These are only the basic functions of the meego system, and have not been optimized and beautified. The formal retail version of meego system will be more beautiful.



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