Deploy Postfix Mail Service (ii) Configure the mail server's receiving and sending service

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Configuring the SMTP Letter Service

Postfix provides mail delivery services based on the SMTP protocol and is responsible for distributing messages to the user's mailbox space. The configuration of the Postfix service is primarily done by modifying the primary configuration file MAIN.CF.

[Root@localhost/] #vim/ETC/POSTFIX/MAIN.CF

.../omit part of the content

inet_interfaces=, the IP address of the service, default to all

Host name of server domain

myorigin= mail field in sender's address when $mydomain//outgoing message

mydestination= $mydomain, $myhostname//Allow Posting to local destination mail domain

home_maibox=maildir///Set storage format for messages

[Root@localhost] #postfix start//open Postfix service

Note: The Mail service requires DNS service and domain name support, therefore, before configuring the mail server, you need to set up a DNS server, and configure the domain name of the forward resolution, MX records and so on.

Configure Pop/imap Receipt Service

Dovecot is a safe Pop3/imap server software with fast response and good scalability. Dovecot defaults to use Linux system users, and through the PAM mechanism for identity authentication, only through authentication before allowing users to receive mail.

1. Compile and install Dovecot package

Pre-create Run service user

[Root@localhost/] #useradd-M-s/sbin/nologin dovecot

[Root@localhost/] #useradd-M-s/sbin/nologin dovenull

Source Code Compilation Installation

[Root@localhost Media] #tar zxf dovecot-2.0.12.tar.gz-c/usr/src

[Root@localhost Media] #cd/usr/src/dovecot-2.0.12

[Root@localhost dovecot-2.0.12]#./configure--sysconfdir=/etc///Specify configuration file parent directory

[Root@localhost dovecot-2.0.12] #make && make install

Add As System Services Dovecot

[Root@localhost dovecot-2.0.12] #cp Doc/

[Root@localhost dovecot-2.0.12] #chmod A+x/etc/init.d/dovecot

[Root@localhost dovecot-2.0.12] #chkconfig--add dovecot

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