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The design of the logo of the integrated network cabling system is still quite common. So I have studied how to design it in a standardized and rational manner, which is a problem that relevant personnel should think deeply about, I would like to share it with you here and hope it will be useful to you.

The identifier in the network cabling system involves the basic support for the management of the network cabling system. Traditionally, management and Application of the network integrated wiring system are not considered in the design phase of cabling. Therefore, Logo Design and definition in cabling are basically not considered.

In today's network integrated wiring system design, implementation, acceptance, management, and other aspects, the positioning and identification of cabling is to improve the management efficiency of the network Integrated Wiring System, to avoid system confusion, you must consider the identifier of the cabling system as a basic component of management from the design phase of the integrated network cabling system.

Two types of network cabling system IDs are available: logical and physical.
Logical identifiers are implemented in three aspects:

I. Design Drawings

The logo on the design drawing paper indicates the detailed information of each cable, cable port, and so on in the case of designing and wiring.

Ii. CMS Software

The logo in CMS software is also the information that engineering designers use computer software to mark the cable direction, cable type, end type, length, test data, and so on. If the data is rich enough, the project budget, procurement list, labor cost, and so on can be generated. After the delivery and use of the integrated network cabling system, CMS also plays an important role in the management of cabling. Actual distribution and usage of links, damages, and routine configuration and adjustment records. The basis of these work is the definition of the logo.

Iii. Link Testing

The acceptance test of the network integrated wiring system is already a necessary part of the wiring work. When the network integrated wiring system performs the acceptance test on the link, test Documents should be created based on the design drawings or the labels or definitions in CMS to output the test results.

The above three applications are mainly involved in logical identification.

Physical ID:

The physical identification is achieved by creating labels for cables, distribution frames, devices, and information points. The logic-defined identifiers are fixed by tags as the basis for use and tracking, ensuring the management and implementation of the integrated network cabling system.

The current situation of application identification in the integrated network cabling system:

It can be said that the logo is not paid much attention to in several steps, from the designer to the construction party to the test party to the user, secondly, even if a logical identifier is defined due to work needs in each cabling process, there is a lack of unified planning of the system, and the identification information is rarely transmitted to the next link.

Standardized and unified identification system: Identification definition, selection of tags, creation and maintenance of tags, this series of workflows greatly improve the management efficiency of the network integrated wiring system and provide powerful visual and positioning support for later maintenance.

Recommended solution:

Refer to EIA/TIA-606A telecommunications infrastructure management standards for business and buildings for the definition of the name of the cabling logo, material requirements for the logo, application, paste location, label specifications, and paste labels benefits, start with the design phase of cabling and define the content and method of the logo.

In the cabling implementation, the installer is required to provide tags for each link, so that the number of the link can be identified from the cable when the connection fails to be restored.

In the test and acceptance phase, the test report should be tested against the link label based on the uniform identification definition, and a standardized Link name test report should be submitted. During the application maintenance of the network Integrated Wiring System, the link identification and tag system are checked for long-term maintenance to ensure the unification of the network Integrated Wiring System.

For specific application labels, it is recommended to select materials based on the concept of "permanent logo". The tag life should be consistent with the design life of the integrated network cabling system. It is recommended that the label materials comply with the UL969 or the corresponding standard) certification to ensure the permanent logo. Meanwhile, it is recommended that the label meet the requirements of the environmental protection RoHS Directive.

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