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If you connect to a database in a remote server on the host, there is no need to install oracle software as large as the server (for example ,), instead, install an oracle client. Oracle software installed on the server is a kind of software developed by oracle itself for users. For example

If you connect to a database in a remote server on the host, there is no need to install oracle software as large as the server (for example ,), instead, install an oracle client. Oracle software installed on the server is a kind of software developed by oracle itself for users. For example

If you connect to a database in a remote server on the host, there is no need to install oracle software as large as the server (for example ,), instead, install an oracle client.

Oracle software installed on the server is a kind of software developed by oracle itself for users. For example, the oracle software on the server is as follows:

Oracle Database 11 for Microsoft Windows (32-bit)G2nd (,625,721,289 bytes)
Win32_11gr2_databasesilicate,934,821 bytes)



To install the software, both the oracle client software and the oracle server software are installed.

There are many oracle client software, which can be developed by oracle or oracle client of another company.

Oracle client software of other companies, such as TOAD and PL/SQL DEVELOPER.

This section describes the oracle client software developed by oracle. The details are as follows:

1. Oracle SQL Developer 4.0 (

Thank you for accepting the OTN license agreement. You can download the software now.

Fixed errors
Version description
New Features

SQL Developer requires JDK 7 or later Download
Windows 64-bit-Zip fileIncludingJDK 7 Downloading 311 MB
Windows 32/64-bit-Installation instructions Downloading 224 MB
Mac OS X-Installation instructions Downloading 224 MB
Linux RPM-Installation instructions Downloading 220 MB
Other platforms-Installation instructions Downloading 224 MB

Download earlier versions from here


The installation instructions for Windows 32/64 bits are as follows:

Windows 32-bit and 64-bit Installation Notes

This download does not include the JDK. You can connect to and use any JDK 1.7 or above.

To install and run:

-Ensure you have a JDK installed, if not, download here
-Download the file above
-Extract into any folder, using folder names
-Within that folder, open the sqldeveloper folder
-Double-click sql0000.exe
-You will be prompted to enter the path to the Java JDK home. This only occurs the first time
You launch SQL Developer.

2. Instant Client (Instant Client)

ToOracle Version example:


Instant Client Package-Basic: All files required to run OCI, OCCI, and JDBC-OCI applications (51,458,190 bytes)

* Instant Client Package-Basic Lite: Smaller version of the Basic, with only English error messages and Unicode, ASCII, and Western European character set support (20,732,681 bytes)

* Instant Client Package-JDBC Supplement: Additional support for XA, Internationalization, and RowSet operations under JDBC (1,565,311 bytes)

* Instant Client Package-SQL * Plus: Additional libraries and executable for running SQL * Plus with Instant Client (758,913 bytes)

* Instant Client Package-SDK: Additional header files and an example makefile for developing Oracle applications with Instant Client (1,096,778 bytes)

* Instant Client Package-ODBC: Additional libraries for enabling ODBC applications (744,125 bytes)

* Instant Client Package-WRC: Workload Replay Client used to replay workload for RAT's DB Replay Feature (12,517 bytes)

* Instant Client Package-Precompiler: Additional files for "proc" binary and related files to precompile a Pro * C application and demo

Generally, we can connect two packages to a remote database, that (All files required to runOCI, OCCI, and JDBC-OCI applications, that isTheThe file contains oracle API interfaces that support oracle connections. If the operating system does not have these files (in fact, the linked library files are used when the software is running ),Use OCI, OCCI, and JDBC-OCI libraries (These librariesIs includeTheFile(Content) developedApplications(Oracle connection)It is not possible to run normally .) (sqlplus tool is estimated to be developed with oci (Library ). Then, combine the decompressed files into a folder. If you want to log on to cmd.exe using the sqlplus command, you only need to add the path of the folder to the environment variable path of the operating system.


Oracle Database Instant Client

With the Instant Client, you can run applications without installing standard Oracle clients (referred to as mentioned in section 3rd) or having ORACLE_HOME. OCI, OCCI, Pro * C, ODBC, and JDBC applications can run without modification, while significantly saving disk space. Even SQL * Plus can be used with Instant Client. There is no need to re-compile, so there is no worry.

Independent software vendors and partners have benefited a lot by packaging the Instant Client and applications together, saving customers the extra steps for installing and configuring the Oracle Client. Among them, Oracle ISV and the high-performance applications provided by its partners with comprehensive functions will be unaffected and work as usual.

Customers can quickly try out new packaging applications and Oracle client features without worrying about other installation issues. Large enterprises can access the central IT information library by using the installation script to automatically install and configure the Instant Client. All in all, everyone can benefit from reduced space usage.

It is particularly suitable for production purposes. Free of charge.

White Paper: Instant Client Overview
White Paper: Oracle Database 11GApplication failover in

Download and install

See Instant Client download for all platforms

Package Description
Instant Client package Description Description
Basic All files required to run OCI, OCCI, and JDBC-OCI applications OCI
Basic Lite Simplified version of Basic, which only supports English error messages and Unicode, ASCII, and western European character set (only 10.2) OCI
JDBC Supplement * Additional support for XA, internationalization, and RowSet operations under JDBC JDBC
SQL * Plus * Additional libraries and executable files provided to run SQL * Plus through Instant Client SQL * Plus 10.2
SQL * Plus 11.2
ODBC Supplement * Support additional databases for ODBC applications through Instant Client (not all platforms) ODBC
SDK * Additional header files and example makefile provided for developing Oracle Applications through Instant Client
ODAC * Including ODP. NET, Oracle Services for MTS, Oracle Providers for ASP. NET, Oracle Provider for ole db, and OO4O with Oracle Instant Client
Optional packages are marked with asterisks.

Installation instructions

Installation steps:

1. Download the corresponding Instant Client package for your platform. Basic or Basic Lite packages are required for all installations.

2. decompress the package to a directory, such as "instantclient ".

3. Set the Database loading path in your environment and point it to the directory ("instantclient") determined in step 1 "). On many UNIX platforms, LD_LIBRARY_PATH is the corresponding environment variable. On Windows, PATH should be used.

4. Start and use your application.

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3. oracle client(That is, the program name is oracle client)

Oracle Database 11 for Microsoft Windows (32-bit)GClient Version 2nd (,581,290 bytes)

Contains the Oracle Client (connection) Library. If you only need the client library, you need to download the file.


See also:

Oracle client tool connection database server problem summary


Oracle client(The program name is oracle client) the installation package containsOracle instant client installation package, that isOracle clientIt already containsFunctions of oracle instant client:

Below isOracle clientDirectory installed as Administrator:

Oracle client(The program name is oracle client) andThe differences between the two functions of oracle instant client can be distinguished from the following example:

Connect to oracle using plsql without installing the oracle client

Plsql remote connection to linuxoracle

Commonly used Oracle development tools include SQL Developer and PL/SQL Developer. I personally feel that the former is more cross-platform than the latter, but it is relatively large (more than 300 M) and occupies resources, in addition, the user experience is also normal, while the latter is relatively much smaller (less than 30 M), and it is easy to use.

Connecting to the oracle database using PL/SQL, whether local or remote, usually requires the installation of the oracle client (about MB) is relatively large, and the installation on various systems is also somewhat exquisite, it is troublesome to modify the corresponding configuration file.

How can I use the PL/SQL tool without installing the oracle client? I did the following tests to achieve my goal.

Test environment: Windows 7 system. oracle and clients have not been installed. oracle is installed in the local Virtual Machine linux and an available orcl instance is available;

1The oracle official website provides the instantclient, download the instantclient-basic Package, decompress the package and store it locally. In this test

D: \ STUDY \ instantclient_10_2;

2. Create the sqlnet. ora and tnsnames. ora files in this directory.

Sqlnet. ora File Content




Tnsnames. ora File Content











Note: The ITALIC part needs to be configured as needed. If the port is customized, it needs to be changed accordingly.

3. Configure Environment Variables

Variable name variable value

TNS_ADMIN D: \ STUDY \ instantclient_10_2

Note: The variable value here is the local home directory of instantclient. If this variable is not configured,

The ORA-12154: TNS: cocould not resolve the connect identifier specified is reported during connection.

4. Install PL/SQL Developer and configure oracle connection parameters:

Open PL/SQL, Tools --> Preferences, and configure the Oracle Home and OCI library of the Connection, as shown in

5. Restart PL/SQL, log on to the test, OK!

If garbled problem occurs, click:


PL/SQL Developer:

Instantclient-basic-win32? Consumer id = 514153 & uk = 3255414737

You can also download other versions of instantclient from the oracle website, which is unstable and sometimes fails to be downloaded.


Http:// Url = HdNSsEe21lyBVzoE7Ih2-BUaw-2HM7pOkQU23i6LkZad-I3nepjPrCtzTlYo1Egvm4NfCVDRA7DQq9FwwTvL2yjP06B4AqZVim9TjMkO9lW


Install Google on oracle client

You can use PL/SQL Developer to connect to a remote database without installing the Oracle client on the local machine.

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