what use of oracle client

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Description of oracle client software

If you connect to a database in a remote server on the host, there is no need to install oracle software as large as the server (for example ,), instead, install an oracle client. Oracle software installed on the server is a kind of software

[Oracle] History of the Oracle ――oracle company legend

Oracle [Oracle] History of the Oracle ――oracle company legend Author: fenng Date: Sep 09 2004 The origins of Oracle Company It is hard to imagine the Oracle Company's saga starting with IBM. 1970 June, IBM researcher Edgar Cauter (Edgar Frank

Install PHP and Oracle 10g real-time client

To confirm whether the extension is configured, create a simple PHP script where the Web server can read it. phpinfo();?> Load the script to the browser using a URL similar to "http: // localhost: 8888//phpinfo. php. The browser page should contain

Detailed description of various technical features of Oracle 9i

Before we introduce oracle9i, we'll introduce some information about Oracle, and let your friends know more about Oracle. In 1977, Larry Airison and Bob Miner and Ed Oates created a software development lab (Software Development Laboratories). The

Oracle remote connection (PLSQL, SQL developement + Oracle database + client + remote connection settings, plsqldevelopement

Oracle remote connection (PLSQL, SQL developement + Oracle database + client + remote connection settings, plsqldevelopement Server Configuration: oracle11g R2 x64 1. Set the listener A. Launch bar-> Start-> Program-> Oracle-OraDb11g_home1->

How to view the Oracle client version

2014-11-10 15:36 by Xiaoxiang Hermit, 34830 reads, 0 comments, Favorites, compilation In practice, there are always issues that require you to view and verify the Oracle client version, because one server may have multiple versions of Oracle clients,

Install Oracle under red hat

Abstract: This article describes how to install the oracle9.2.0 database in the RedHat Linux9 environment. Keyword: oracle9i RedHat Linux9 Kernel Parameter environment variable Oracle817 is always used in the RedHat linux7.1 environment. Sort out

Install the Oracle client using instant in CentOS5.6

Installing the oracle client in Linux to connect to a remote oracle host to complete data operations is a problem I will solve this time. Search for Linuxoracle keywords on google to find some Installing the oracle client in Linux to connect to a

Basic Terms of Oracle

The racle database system is a complex software system. Without understanding its internal structure principles and relationships, it is impossible to design and Compile High-Quality application software systems or manage a complex application

Install, upgrade, and delete the Oracle client silently in Linux

Sometimes it is not convenient to log on to the Linux graphical interface to install the oracle client. We can use the silent mode to install, upgrade, and delete the oracle client (instead of the OUI ). Platform: R Sometimes it is not convenient to

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