Design a cute floral style 3D art text illustration by using Illustrator with photoshop

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I will give you a detailed analysis of the Illustrator software to share with you how to design a cute floral style 3D art text illustration with photoshop.
Tutorial sharing:
Effect chart:


Step 2
First, create a new document with a size of 1200x770, and fill the canvas with a radial gradient from # a1dbff # f0f9ff, from the center of the darkness at the transitional edge light


Step 2
Download the Levenim MT Bold and Bold font. The loaded font, open the Illustrator, and type & acirc; €20.myinkblog & acirc; €™.


Step 3
In Illustrator, select text and 3D effects, extrusion, and diagonal lines. Select the following settings. It is a good idea to make use of different 3D settings in this phase to see what you like. But now, the following is a good choice.


Step 4
Copy and paste the text to your Photoshop file as a smart object, which allows you to adjust the text size, as much as you like without losing quality.



Step 10
Now, for the & Acirc; flowery part download these amazing brushes. Now, these amazing brushes download THEA as a part of the flower. Use the first brush in the package to make the shape on the left of the top. Here we can see that it is actually taking effect, keeping the design simple and exquisite.


Step 11
Now we will add a gradient superposition. Double-click the layer to get the layer style, and use a light green gradient. We use a layer style because it is much easier to change in later stages.


Step 12
Continue to add floral elements until you are happy, just remember less really, the subtle thing is more effective than there are too many patterns. Gradient and positioning of flowers give peace of motion.


Step 13
Download this image of a parrot. Download the image of this parrot. Then extract and use your favorite extraction method and paste it to the component. Next, add some subsequent settings to adjust the layer.


Step 14
Add a butterfly or two with these brushes. butterfly or Add these brushes. You can add additional butterflies or other creatures to keep them simple.
Step 15
Add another layer, select text, and add the following settings to outshine, remember to reduce the fill "0 ".



Okay, the above information is a small part of this software for all the users of Illustrator to bring a detailed combination of photoshop design cute floral style 3D art text illustration effect of the rendering tutorial parsing to share all of it, users now see that the production method is very clear here, so everyone will follow the small series of tutorials to create their own cute floral style 3D art text illustration.

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