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контидом [. ru is the domain name of the Russian Federation]

Today on the Internet to see a very good site, or the website of Flash. At first I opened the Web site to see that there is no special place, and then opened the inside look, really very feel. Below everybody opens the website to taste together!

The layout of the site is very peculiar, borrowed some very natural things as the elements of the site, with wood in the forest, leaves to decorate the entire site. No, I don't think the author has a place to do enough. That is, the subject content is bouncing off the edge and not natural. In fact, the author can use some branches to decorate the content window!

I personally think that the author's color feeling very good, we see the color of those trees, that color only in the light temperature of 6,500 degrees to the time will be displayed, and the color temperature produced by the most vivid light, the color saturation of the object is also very high. The level of color is very rich.

We usually see the Flash animation is too mechanized, and the site of the Flash animation action is very natural vivid. These are reflected in the expansion of the big tree. The music is also very good control, in the opening and closing time will have a buffer, not suddenly broke and suddenly make a noise.

The background of the text is a picture, because the color of a lot of painting, some places is high light, and some places are won very much, the text looks uncomfortable. The word spacing is also appropriate for lines of text and distance between paragraphs. Only words can not understand! Oh!

From the production of the author is indeed a Kung fu, the special tree author must have spent a lot of time! Because not only to do it, but also in the act of acting as natural! The author's attitude towards excellence is indeed worth our learning!

Browsing under IE6.0 and Mozilla1.6 shows normal! (Note: Because small Yi uses only these two kinds of browsers, so on other browsing performance how to ask the Netizen to supplement)

My personal view, in addition to the details of the window is not natural outside the production of other products are very good, in the visual performance can be called fine.

Recommended value: Four-star and half

Category: Visual technology


Author: Xiao Yi

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