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Article Description: sorting out their own favorites, are related to the design, often go shopping, now share it.

Sorting out their favorites, are related to the design, often go shopping, now take out to share, hehe.

Part of the collection from the blog with friends Alite , thank him!

I hope I am a designer who knows how to collect and enjoy sharing.

But the painstaking finishing, also hoped that the friend respects my labor achievement,(reprint please indicate the source)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Portals and forums

Deviantart (
Recommended! A large international community website showcasing and sharing various artistic creations

Vision China (
The most influential creative portal in China

Visual League (

Pioneer Media of Chinese cultural creative industry

Blue Ideal (

Website design and developer Home

chinaui-excellent AI net (
China UI (user interface) professional design base

Zcool Station Cool (

This designer should all know that good designers and works are concentrated here.

UI Design (

Mainly user-centric UI design, involving all aspects, quite comprehensive.

Style Crunch (
A website designed to showcase web-standards. Concise European and American style, English.

New Web Pick (
This should be very familiar to all, select the site works and new work of the focus.

———————————————————— – Split Line ——————————————— –

Blog, a station

Robin (

Master-level, very feel, extreme, Aurora, strong color sense, conceptual

J-max (

Fashion, strong texture, accurate shape

Dooky (

The work always makes me feel very poetic, very connotation.

Guifx (Http://

Atmosphere, simplicity, extreme.

Rokey (
Zhang Wei, from Microsoft to his company, one of the top icon designers in China

maleonn-Ma Liang (
A professional photographer in Shanghai, a lot of good photos are in it.

White Blog (
Strongman designers, as well as model lovers and designers, in Frog


Microsoft's designer. The delicate style touched me.

———————————————————— – or split line ——————————————— –

Studios and companies

EICo Studio (
Young domestic emerging UI design company, rapid development, high starting point

Reooo Professional UI Design (
Domestic professional UI design company, high standard, 08 seems to have turbulence ...

01media (
The domestic interactive advertising, website design company

Iveo Studio (
Domestic Professional Interface Design company

———————————————————— – Wow, so much, there's a split line ——————————————— –

Information information

smashing Magazine(
Recommended! Very good design, technology, digital information magazine online, a lot of boutique articles

Web Designer Depot(
Recommended! Web Designer's information munitions warehouse.

Crazy Design (
Design related new products and information

Post-Modern Paradise (
New information for design and fun

Funny Discovery (
Wonderful daily design waiting for you to find out

colorburned (
Designer interviews, illustrations, brushes, vector pattern information

Daily Icon(
Provides excellent design concepts and work information, but the update is a bit slow

Google Blackboard (
Google's China blog, often technical trends and industry review

———————————————————— – The more the split line, the better. ———————————————-

UE User Experience


Recommended, Ui\ue the collection of various design information.

UI Garden (
User Center design of the academic community, more in-depth research articles mostly

boxes and Arrows (
Foreign well-known websites, the content is particularly good, as long as you understand

User Interface Engineering(
Research Consultant organization focused on website and product availability

Tencent CDC (
Tencent user research and experience Design center, the domestic first-class brothers team, more emphasis on visual embodiment of some


The main is the interface appreciation and some interactive recommendations.

smashingmagazine (

Foreign well-known technology blog, to provide the latest technology trends article, calm down to slowly look at the contents of the hurry digestion, strongly recommended.

Potato Chip Meeting (

Blogs, focusing on interactive design discussions.

———————————————————— – The last line of Split ——————————————— –

Material resources

Yahoo User Inter face Libray (YUI)
Yahoo user Interface Design Specification Library

Chinese Design net font (

Many art fonts can be queried, which is helpful for design references.

Digital Inn (

All aspects of the design material.


Image search site.

panorama picture (

Also a picture search site. The big picture has the copyright

Online Calligraphy Dictionary network (

The input text can get the corresponding calligraphy font, too convenient.


English, need icon reference, come here to search it.


UI Design Forum, nothing to go around.


Very good color website, recommended collection.


Flash color-matching site, also worth collecting for reference.


The main is some tutorials. Very good, you can enjoy the infinite charm of PS.


Inadvertently found a website, ppt sharing. A lot of interesting things. As long as you find out.

color doctrine (

A forum for photography. Many boutique. The content is too much, see add fine of on the line.

Web Design Bookmarks (

All sorted out, waiting for you to find inspiration, hehe

The others are still being sorted, and so on ...

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