Design story: Can't remember the security of the license plate

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I live in the community in order to manage the vehicles, in the community doorway set up obstacles, at the same time to facilitate the occupants travel, and to each owner issued a parking permit. This piece of paper, behind the front wind, has the right to "free" access to the community. The security guard at the gate will check the parking pass of each car and decide whether to release it. The paper is not large, the property in order to save money, there is no plastic seal, a long time, paper droop down, so that the car must drive to the door, responsible for the security of the lad can see parking permits. But it didn't seem to have much effect, because after a few rounds, the lad remembered my license plate number, and when I saw my car coming, I moved the obstacle to the side early.

This makes me feel very happy to go home, occasionally also deliberately rolling down the window to say "Thank you", "Good evening" and so on, he also reported a friendly smile. So both sides are very happy mood.

Unfortunately, the bright young man soon disappeared (I guess it was resigned, after all, this work is tired and do not earn money, and such a clever man like him can not always do this, this is what I thought later), and another security. At first he had to wait until the car was open to the door, just scrambled to remove the obstacles, I think this is the normal process of adaptation, so patiently waiting for him to remember my day. It never occurred to me that in the past few weeks, he still had to wait until I got under the nose and took out the registration book to find my parking pass. So I began to suspect the parking card problem, deliberately take time to plastic it up, so that this piece of paper stand tall in my front wind gear. Unexpectedly, he still to this car every day in front of him two times "acquaintances" no impression, again and again staged from snooping around, suddenly realized to rush to the process. Then I began to suspect that his eyesight problem, so close to the door, deliberately slowed down, hoping that he even a second in advance to see this valuable paper, the results still have no effect.

Gradually, into the community gate from a happy thing into a oppressed thing, whenever I reluctantly put the car stopped, watching the small security in the window to find parking permits, floating now in my mind only one word: "Stupid!" At the same time, sadly reasoning that this person is afraid to work in this position for a long time.

I remember watching an ad before, a system can help companies remember their customers, so when the customer once again to shop, Shire will be sweet honey to greet "Mr. Li!" When Mr. Li picks out his clothes, Shire will prompt "You have bought this last time." "This tie will match the suit you bought last year." "Wait a minute, when Mr. Li decides to buy, Shire asks," Do you still want a medium? ”...... This kind of shopping experience can be said to be the most noble, I believe that the mood of Mr. Li this day will become easier.

Remember that the owner of the car license plate, for small security, may need to do some work, but after all, "nothing, only a conscientious," as long as the intention, can be done. And remember that your users, for the computer, is simply a low-cost or even 0 of the cost of things, but few products can fully utilize the computer this powerful memory ability, this can only use the "waste" to describe.

From user personalization, to filled form content, changed search criteria, published comments, to frequently used keywords, frequently browsed content types ... and so on. And so on, are the things that the system should remember and have hidden treasures. Remember that this data may consume some resources, but the payoff is not just to make the user feel less happy (although the "let the user Happy" thing is enough to pay off).

Of course, there is no other way to solve the stupid security, such as increasing the size of parking permits, change the parking card to a car logo, increase the spontaneous light text, and even insert small red flags on the body, etc., are methods, this became the legendary "to make up for product defects and adopt the interface skills."

And come back to my story:

Although I was very unhappy, but did not want to find a property, "if" I happen to meet the property personnel, "happen" no other things distracted, and "happen" mood is more depressed, "perhaps" will complain to them. From here you can see, if the property as a product designer, security as a system, most users choose the silence. As a result, the product of the problem passed to the design staff of the probability of a small poor. I have no other choice in this neighborhood, and your product may not be so lucky.

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