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Professional Logo logo Designer must sum up some design skills, we appreciate some excellent creative business signs can also find that the logo in this article is very creative, but the basis is to use a number of common logo design methods, than figures, pictures, deformation and so on. After mastering these rules, it can be regarded as an entry-level logo designer.

Each logo has a description, read carefully and think about the design, and when you see other signs, you can find the same point.


The two sides of the eagle's wings are white, a horse and a wolf.


Two hand type is designed to be a letter B representing Brandclay


Using a footprint to describe oo in foot

New Castle

The shadow of a fork is like three bottles of wine, and the wine is combined with food.


It's like some kind of biological image shows the meaning of boot.


There's a baby's image and word in the letter O, telling your mother what it means.


When I fell, the description had been killed

Unitef Digging

The clever letter U bends into a shovel.

Pink Flammingo Farm

The other part of the horse's head is the image of a flamingo

The very

The letter T was cleverly designed to become a faucet

Love Clip

A heart-shaped paper clip stands for Loveclip.


The black part of E contains the letter A which happens to be EA.

Eighty Three

Combine 8 and 3 ideas into 83.

Paint the city

The paint is blank, just some house


The outlet of the fountain pen was designed as a pendulum clock in the form of

I hate You

The broken heart shows the meaning of hate

Tom ' s Pet louge

Combining cats with dogs means it's a place for pets to rest.

Treacy Shoes

Combining Treacy T with S in shoes, it shows the effect of motion.

Embassy Landlines

The middle white part of E and L represents the service receiving side of the telephone


The head of Sparta was represented as a player in full swing.


The letters W,S,U in Washington State University (Washington State University) are grouped into the image of a cougar.


The middle eye represents Oo in the noon.

Anthony Lane

There's a black l in the middle of the white A, which stands for Anthony Lane.

Equestrian Clothing

The clothes are made up of two horse heads, which represent the equestrian costume.

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