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This article describes how to set the LAN port of a Broadband Router and how to use it in different situations, such as common usage and switch usage. I believe that after reading this article, you will have a clearer understanding of LAN port settings.

Generally, there is a built-in four-port switch that provides Four 10/100 M or even Gbit/s adaptive Ethernet LAN interfaces to connect to the internal LAN. And most of these ports also support Auto MDI/MDIX ). How can I use these LAN ports flexibly when connecting local networks to the Internet through wired or wireless networks?

I. Common usage

The common usage is to use the NAT Function as a route. In this case, the four-port switch is equivalent to the four-port hub. NAT refers to network address translation, which can convert Internet IP addresses to private IP addresses such as 10.0.x.x, 192.168.x.x, and 172. x. x. x) to allow multiple PCs on the home or enterprise local network to share a single public IP address to access the Internet. Such as "Internet Connection Sharing ICS" in Windows and many Internet gateway devices that contain broadband are shared by using the NAT Function.
In LAN port settings, you can change the IP address 10.0.x.x, 192.168.x.x, and 172. x CIDR blocks of the LAN interface to meet the needs of the actual network environment. Of course, the DHCP server is the best partner for NAT to allocate IP addresses of these network segments to each computer.
The full name of DHCP is "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol", that is, the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. In the network where DHCP is used, the user's computer can obtain the parameters for accessing the Internet from the DHCP server, and can access the Internet without any manual configuration. In general, the DHCP server tries its best to keep each computer using the same IP address to access the Internet. If the computer does not access the Internet for a long time or is configured to use a static address to access the Internet, the DHCP server will allocate this address to other computers.

In the DHCP server settings of the Broadband Router, enabling the DHCP server function can greatly simplify the difficulty of configuring IP addresses, subnet masks, gateways, and DNS servers on each computer. In addition, in the address pool start address and address pool end address, you can flexibly control the start address and end address when the DHCP server automatically assigns an IP address, let the Intranet host get the IP address between the two addresses.
In addition, the built-in DHCP servers of the Broadband Router also have the static address allocation function. You can reserve static IP addresses for computers with specified MAC addresses. When the computer requests an IP address from the DHCP server, the DHCP server assigns it an IP address reserved in the table. Once used, the IP address of the host will not change. If you want to use a DMZ host using a DMZ host, you need to fill in the "DMZ Host IP Address" column with a fixed IP address of the computer), virtual server, UPnPUniversal Plug and Play, LAN users who need to enable this function in the operating system, Broadband Router, and application software.

Through the application and settings of these functions, you can easily allow multiple computers in the LAN to share a public IP address to surf the Internet and implement corresponding functions.

Ii. Used for vswitches

Broadband routers include wireless routers) generally have a built-in four-port switch, so you can directly use it as a real switch. Many readers may ask, isn't there an UPLINK port on the switch? However, no four vswitches are built in the Broadband Router. In fact, the UPLINK port is used to solve the problem of cross-line and direct-line connections of network devices. The MDI interface is used for non-cross transmission and receiving lines, the common interface MDIX is used to connect to the terminal workstation ). Currently, many vswitches or routers support the port flip function. All ports can be used as UPLINK ports or common ports, and can be used for cross or direct connections. Therefore, many mainstream switches do not have UPLINK ports.

To use a Broadband Router as a switch, you cannot use its WAN port to connect a LAN, such as ADSL + LAN, FTTX + LAN, and so on, the twisted pair wires connected should be inserted on any LAN interface of the Four-port switch. Connect a LAN of A vro。 to the LAN port of a vro or vswitch through a direct connection or crossover line, and connect the computer to the remaining LAN port of the vro.

Of course, necessary configurations are also required. First, find the DHCP server on the Broadband Router configuration page and set it to disabled. Then, find the LAN Settings option and set it to any address in the upper-layer router device address pool to ensure that it is inconsistent with the IP addresses of other computers in the LAN. Assume that the IP address of the Upper-layer route is the default gateway) and the subnet mask is 255.255.0. The start address of the DHCP server address pool and the end address of the address pool are, you can set the lan ip address of the Broadband Router used by the vswitch to any address between and The subnet mask is After the above configuration, this Broadband Router can be used as a "Switch.

Of course, if the connected network is already a routing network, in addition to setting the wireless router as a switch, you can also set the wireless router as an AP. In a sense, AP is equivalent to a wireless HUB, but it is different from the HUB that the media connected to the workstation is not a network cable, but a wireless electromagnetic wave working in a specific frequency range using air as the media, the workstation must be equipped with an AP client, that is, a wireless network card.
It is easy to set. First, you must set the wireless router as a Wireless AP. In any application environment, the Internet port or WAN port of the wireless router will no longer be used. Connect one of the four LAN ports of a vro。 to a vswitch or vro.

Then, log on to the Management page of the wireless router, and the DHCP server function is enabled by default in the factory settings of the wireless router. Now, a vro has enabled this function in the network connected to the wireless router, therefore, disable the DHCP server function of the wireless router. Set the IP address of the wireless router and the upper-layer router as the same network segment. For example, the gateway IP address of the router connected to the upper layer is, the mask is, And the DHCP server is enabled. You can set the IP address of the wireless router to any address in the CIDR block, that is, 192.168.100. *, where * is 2 ~ The value between 254 and, as long as it does not conflict with the IP address of other devices on the LAN. Click the "application" button to set the updated wireless router to work as an AP.

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