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Start Guide for domain name parking services

What is the domain name Parking service (Domains Parking services)?

If you have an ideal domain name or a domain name with traffic (that is, traffic), you
Do not want to immediately use the domain name to establish a Web site, then you can choose the Domain name Parking service for your
The domain name automatically generates an ad page that contains a link to the ad sponsor, and the ad sponsor
Your domain name brings the advertisement, the Click Effect pays, but you (domain owner) will from
Share the benefits in the domain name parking service.

What benefits can the domain Parking service bring to you?

The Domain parking service allows you to make money from unused domain names and does not require you to build your own
Website that brings you a certain amount of revenue while increasing the chance of selling the domain name.

which domain names can be applied to the domain name parking service?

The general Domain name Park Service is mainly uses the domain name to bring the visitor to achieve the advertisement clicks the income,
Therefore, generally require you to hold a certain number of domain name visitors (traffic). can take
To the flow of domain names include: With excellent keyword domain name, search engine included the domain name,
Originally built the station domain name, the wrong domain name, the name of different domain names, such as the name suffix.

What are the issues to be aware of using the domain name parking service?

Domain Name Parking service requires users not to click on their own domain name of the advertising link or to instruct
A friend, relative, employee or any other person clicks on the advertisement link;

You can't use news lists, lots of emails, online chats, instant chats,
Forums, classified ads and other requirements, requests, stimulation or deception click ads link;

No 0 pixels, hitbots, clickbots, spiders, cgi-scripts,
JavaScript, iframes, or transfer traffic to another parked domain name and other similar
Methods human manufacturing flow, click.

What are the service providers for your domain name parking?

Domestic: Silverclicks (SC) Silver Point, Reddns (RD) Asia Registration

Abroad: Domainsponsor, Namedrive, Domainhop, fabulous,
GoldKey, Parkingdots, Parkingsite, Sedo,
Trafficparking, Trafficvalet, Trafficz, etc.

How to choose the domain name parking service provider?

According to your domain visitor area (traffic source) to choose the right domain parking service provider is very necessary
Want, only suitable for the region's advertising parking page can bring advertising results for advertising sponsors,
And for you to bring more stable domain name parking revenue;

Silverclicks (SC) Silver dot
At present, the only one stable support Chinese traffic in the domain name Parking service provider, the system automatically
To distinguish the domestic and foreign traffic display in the English Parking advertisement page, the foreign flow applies Domainsponsor
Senior members of the English parking page, domestic traffic using Yahoo Auction search ads and a small number of own ads.

Advantages: Good use of flow to achieve maximum benefits;
Provide domainsponsor Advanced Edition;
Provide the transfer of the Domain name link page;
Provide compensation for loss caused by system failure;
Reliable reputation, short payment cycle, punctual;

Limit the small flow member registration;
Can not very good statistical analysis of the single domain revenue;
Only through the account of the mail request related operations;

Reddns (RD) Asia Registration

Proxy Overseas English Advertising Park page, support domestic traffic.

Advantages: Single Click ad Revenue is high;
There are window-hopping film registration;
There is no flow limit for registered members;
A variety of payment methods can be required to redeem PayPal;

Disadvantage: The parking page is slow;
No Chinese advertising links, less clicks;
Statistical data Update cycle length (generally three days);
Long payment period (60 days);


Foreign most professional domain name parking business, Pure English Advertising Park page, traffic, click are divided into,
Support domestic traffic but very few clicks, the domestic traffic has the Chinese advertisement to jump the window.

Advantages: Click on the advertisement divided into high;
Flow show jump windows are divided;
Statistics of single domain name revenue;
Load parking Ads page fast;
Timely announcement of system failure;
Compensation for system fault loss;
Credibility, a variety of payment methods;

Disadvantages: Domestic income and expenditure ticket is inconvenient;
Does not support the display of Chinese advertising;

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