Detailed setup parameters for the Flexslider plugin

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Always use Flexslider this slide plug-in to its parameters is not very familiar with the Internet to see this hurriedly posted out for later use.

$ (window). Load (function () {
$ ('. Flexslider '). Flexslider ({

namespace: ' flex-',//control namespace, affects style prefixes
Animation: "Slide",//string:select your animation type, "Fade" or "slide" Picture Transform mode: Fade in or slide
Slidedirection: "Horizontal",//string:select the sliding direction, "horizontal" or "vertical" picture set to sliding direction: left or right or up or down

Selector: '. thumbnails. Thumbnail ',
slideshowspeed:5000,//Auto Play Speed MS
animationspeed:600,//scrolling effect playback duration
pauseplay:false,//whether the Play pause button is displayed
minitems:common.globals.screen.item,//minimum number of items to display
itemwidth:220,//the width of a scrolling item
itemmargin:20,//the spacing between scrolling items
Slideshow:true,//boolean:animate slider automatically automatically play when loading a page
animationduration:600,//integer:s animation fade effect delay
Directionnav:true,//boolean: (true/false) whether the left and right control buttons are displayed
Controlnav:true,//boolean:usage whether the Control menu is displayed//what is the Control menu?
Keyboardnav:true,//boolean:left/right keys keyboard left and right key control picture slide
Mousewheel:false,//boolean:mousewheel mouse wheel control picture sliding
Prevtext: "Previous",//string: The text of the previous item
Nexttext: "Next",//string: The text of the next item
Pausetext: ' Pause ',//string: Pause text
Playtext: ' Play ',//string: Play text
Randomize:false,//boolean:randomize slide order is random slide
slidetostart:0,//integer: (0 = First slide) Initial display of picture position
Animationloop:true,//"Disable" classes at either end whether to loop the loop to play
Pauseonaction:true,//boolean:highly recommended.
Controlscontainer: "",//selector:be taken.
Manualcontrols: ". Js-slidernav i",//selector:. Custom control navigation//small dot Live digital indicator CSS Selector
Manualcontrolevent: "",//string: Custom navigation control Trigger event: Default is click, you can set the hover
Start:function () {},//callback:function (slider)-Fires when the slider loads the first slide
Before:function () {},//callback:function (slider)-Fires asynchronously with each slider animation
After:function () {},//callback:function (slider)-Fires after each slider animation completes
End:function () {}//callback:function (slider)-Fires When the slider reaches the last slide (asynchronous)


In the actual work of the above code of $ (window). Load (function () {}); Can be changed to $ (function () {}). Performance will be higher.

Detailed setup parameters for the Flexslider plugin

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