Detailed Win7 flagship system under the computer speakers have current sound method

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Detailed Win7 system under the computer speakers have current sound method: Because the display of the surrounding magnetic field is very sensitive, so as long as the speaker close to the monitor, carefully observe the screen image has no local color or the overall color shift, you can test the performance of the stereo. The speaker's magnetism originates from the loudspeaker, the magnetic speaker's loudspeaker has some uses is the double magnetic circuit design, the back magnet offsets the magnetism which the front magnet spreads to me, some horn's permanent magnet body cover has the metal cover. Some of the x.1 speakers of the subwoofer did not use the magnetic design, which for their placement to be extra attention to the line. Today, there are users who find their computer speakers making a sound of AIDS, at first thought is the speaker's fault, take out the handset to connect the speaker test, discovers is not the speaker problem, at this time we will look for the computer host the breakdown, the following computer assembles small series to tell everybody to say how solves the sound has been the voice of the AIDS.

Note: Use mobile phone to determine whether the speaker failure, to determine the problem is not a speaker and then use the following methods to solve!

A, sound card driver failure (Small series is this method to solve the sound of the speaker of the fault)

Sound card driver Failure rate is the biggest, many users encounter speakers inexplicably have the voice of the sound card is caused by the problem, the solution is to uninstall the original sound card driver after reinstalling, such as the following steps:

First we uninstall the sound card driver, we take the Win7 system as an example, other systems are the same, right click on "Computer" and click "Device Manager", in "Device Manager", we click on "Sound, video and game controller", click on the click of a sub list, listed as "Realtek high Definition Audio, right click on this bar after pop-up menu select "Uninstall", the following figure:

Uninstall sound card Driver

Uninstall completed can be restarted, and then to use the Driver Wizard or driver life Software Installation sound card driver, we can search under the "Driver Wizard" to find the download address, download the Driver wizard in the computer and install the software, and finally in the Driver Wizard software to detect the computer is not installed in the driver, Locate the audio driver download and install it.

Install sound card driver

Two, Mike Crazy cause sound box with AIDS

1, the mouse point to the lower right corner of the status bar volume icon small horn Right click, in the pop-up menu select "Recording Equipment";

2, in the pop-up "Voice" dialog box, click the "Recording" tab, the mouse pointing microphone (according to the machine configuration will be different Realtek, Conexant, IDT, etc.) right click, in the pop-up menu, select "Attribute";

What about the sound current in the speaker?

3, in the pop-up "Built-in Microphone Properties" dialog box, click the "Level" tab, drag the slider as needed to adjust the microphone to strengthen, and then click OK.

Pull to the minimum

Third, electromagnetic interference

Try to keep the host or cell phone away from the computer speakers.

If the above steps can not solve the computer speakers have the sound of the failure of the voice, it is estimated that the fault of the audio interface, the host before and after the audio interface, please before and after the audio interface test, it may be the fault of the sound card, you can purchase a USB sound card to the host

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