Develop your own WordPress blog Theme from scratch---ready to run the environment

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Currently only do local development, only in the local build test environment, and finally in the server's CentOS set up a formal environment, I use a Mac, the simplest way is to install Mamp.

1. Download and install Mamp


After the download is complete, follow the steps to install it, and do not repeat it here.

After the installation is complete, select the site root directory to your development directory (other configurations, if you want to modify it, configure it Yourself):

2. Start the server

After you start the server, the browser opens http://localhost:8888/MAMP/?language=English and then clicks my WEBSITE

3. Configuration database

To configure the database, we need to find the port number, user name, and password of the database.

First we can login to PhpMyAdmin, this is equivalent to a web version of MySQL Workbench,http://localhost:8888/phpmyadmin

We can see that he has the default root user, the default password is root, and see the default port number is 8889 (this can be modified in Mamp's preferences)

Then we create a database to use for the blog, jerryblogdb

We only need a library, all tables WordPress will be created automatically, then the configuration of the database to complete this

3, the installation of WordPress

After the second step, the browser opens http://localhost:8888/wp-admin/setup-config.php on the new page.

The first is to select the language (if the folder permissions are not sufficient, this step may not be available), and then click Start Configuration.

At this point we can fill in the configuration with the corresponding parameters from the previous step (the database name and table prefix can be filled in as you like):

Then click Submit, you will see the following prompt

(Note: If the folder does not have sufficient read and write permissions, then he will give you the configuration string, you need to manually create a new wp-config.php file in the site root, and then paste the content into it)

4, the Site information configuration

After the previous step, we click Install Now, to begin to configure our site information, we build this site just to test our theme, so site information can be arbitrarily configured

Then click Install wordpress, the following interface appears, the WordPress installation is successful, this time you can use the user name and password you created to log in

Develop your own WordPress blog Theme from scratch---ready to run the environment

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