Developing a circular workflow using SharePoint designer

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We all know that there are two development (Design) methods for Sharepoint workflows: SharePoint designer and Visual Studio.

L using Visual Studio, developers can flexibly develop SharePoint workflows by coding.

L using SharePoint designer, website administrators can design SharePoint workflows based on definitions and rules without coding.

Using SharePoint de captain_cccsigner to design a workflow is simple. The SharePoint designer workflow designer can help us design a workflow for sequential execution. However, this may not be the case in many real scenarios, can SharePoint designer design non-sequential workflow execution?

This article will "use" SharePoint designer to design a circular workflow.

Use SharePoint designer to design a simple Workflow

We first use SharePoint designer to design a simple workflow. This workflow first checks whether a bool-type variable is false. If it is false, A bool-type data is collected to the user, and assign it to the previous variable.

1. Open the document center website with SharePoint designer.

2. Create> workflow:

L name:Whileindesigner

L attach to the list:Document

ClickNext step.

3. Create two variables.

ClickVariable (V)Button to add the following two variables:

4. Add a condition.

ClickConditionButton, selectCompare any data sources.

ClickEqualLeftValue>SelectWorkflow dataAndVariable: Finish.

ClickEqualRight sideValue, SelectNo.

Add operation: Collect User Data

Next we will add an operation to collect user data. In fact, it is to create a task for the user.

ClickCondition> collect data from users.

ClickThis user, SelectCreate a user for the current project.

ClickDATA> next step, Enter the Task Name and description.

L Task Name:Task in while?

ClickNext> Add, Add a canfinish data collected to the user:

L Domain Name:Canfinish

L information type:Yes/No (check box)

L default value:No

SetOutput to variableIsTaskid.

ClickVariable (V)Delete automatically generated VariablesCollect.

6. Add operation: Get user data

Add another operation to get the canfinish value just collected and assign it to the variable finish.

ClickOperation> other operations> set workflow Variables.

ClickWorkflow Variables, SelectVariable: Finish.

ClickValue>Follow the settings:

Shows the final workflow:

ClickComplete, Sharepoint designer willSave,VerifyAnd automatically move the WorkflowAssociationTo the additional list.

7. Test Workflow

Now let's test the designed workflow.

OpenSharePoint document center> documentUpload a document and start the whileindesigner workflow for it.

OpenTask, EditTask in while?Task, clickComplete taskIn this case, the task is in while? The status of the task and whileindesigner workflow isCompleted.

Modify xoml implementation cycle

1. Files generated by Sharepoint designer

Back to SharePoint designer, we found that SharePoint designer automatically generated the following files:


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