Development and application of integrated cabling intelligence technology

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Intelligent wiring system can ensure the security of information flow to maintain high business efficiency, and ensure that enterprises can fulfill the commitment to customers, partners and management agencies. It will improve the control of key communication channels in the enterprise to a new level. With the help of intelligent wiring system, managers can freely control the information so as to ensure the company's business operation and compliance. The intelligent wiring system can make the network more reliable and more secure, and the administrator can access the information of each corner of the company smoothly. Without intelligent wiring management, it will be impossible to monitor or manage the important areas of the company's information system in real time. With traditional network cabling management methods, the integrity of cable connections and the security of information channels can only be validated manually and time-consuming. Therefore, if an enterprise's network is accidentally interrupted, the administrator will need hours to track and resolve the problem, while the entire company will not be able to access the network and obtain important information during this period.

In order to reduce the company's network management costs, avoid network failure to the company caused by economic losses, to ensure that the voice and data communications can be normal operation, improve the enterprise's IT investment rate of return, thereby improving efficiency, system integration, monitoring system, Intelligent building now many large enterprises are starting to set up their own intelligent wiring system.

Today's paper-based, tedious network-connection change processes often affect the entire company, making it difficult for CIOs to monitor the current state of their data networks or to ensure uniform integrity of the data network, while also making it difficult for CEOs to meet corporate regulatory requirements. If the use of intelligent wiring system can provide a good network planning and management, to avoid the above problems occur.

Port technology allows you to arbitrarily span a cabinet jumper, and you can extend the connection scope arbitrarily by the rack manager in a daisy-chained manner without requiring any special configuration.

Easy to expand, a network manager can freely extend support for 96,000 ports of intelligent management. At the same time will be on-site management and remote management further integration, on-site any operation can be through the LCD display and LED indicator lights have guidance, there are tracking, there is alarm, there are records. Field management is very important for fault lookup and jumper tracking.

Link detection technology, depending on the additional conductor in the jumper, through the special 9-pin or 10-pin line contact formation circuit for detection. If the link technology is used, a wire must be cured in the copper jumper and the light jumper.

Link technology is characterized by the use of special jumpers, can automatically find unique jumper, allow jumper ends are not in order to connect.

Link technology requires a lot of upper layer equipment to build a unique network group, a set of management network to scan the electronic wiring racks, thus establishing a database. If you want to expand, only increase the electronic distribution frame is not enough, must add multiple layers of management and scanning equipment, users must have their own network and management points have a more accurate assessment to be equipped with enough equipment. With a special jumper link, although some functionality can be implemented, many sophisticated upper-level device extensions and scans are required, which are not conducive to scaling up and deployment.

Usually the intelligent system consists of two systems, hardware and software. More Wonderful content:

Intelligent wiring system does not have uniform international standards, so the company's product design concept is not the same, from the hardware point of view can be divided into port detection technology and link detection technology, from the performance of the two of us to do a simple analysis.

Port detection technology, is in the port built-in micro sensors, the use of standard 8-core jumper access to either end of the port can be induction, the connection jumper needs to establish a connection in order.

Port technology is characterized by the use of common jumper, easy to deploy and maintain, can automatically discover the port used. Because the use of standard jumper greatly saves the maintenance cost.

Port technology is based on the physical layer of the event technology, as long as the jumper on the port operation, you will find and record, there is a very fast system response speed, is really real-time system, rather than scanning or round-robin mode. A scan or a round robin approach can have a delay or lag response, so that events cannot be detected in time.

Port technology is very easy to support the Cross-connect and direct-attached (inter-connect) wiring system, in practical engineering applications, there are both cross-linking methods, there will be a large number of direct-linked way, and from the engineering practice, because of the low cost of direct-linked approach, more widely used by Chinese users. Link technology must be connected to the 9-pin jumper at both ends of the electronic distribution frame, and the application of the interconnection, which requires Chinese users must improve the management awareness, the use of two-terminal design pattern. Because the link technology does not support the direct connection method very well, also limits the partial user the application. Because the port technology uses the standard jumper, may freely use in the connection and the direct connection two kinds of different environments.

Port technology can easily upgrade the general and intelligent wiring racks to intelligent wiring racks, if you have already deployed the common wiring frame and already in use, the jumper is full, the business is running, even if so also can upgrade your wiring system in line, the intelligent wiring frame is easy to upgrade to the smart wiring system easily.

Because of the use of special jumper, you must use a two-terminal connection, if only connected to the side of the wiring frame, and can not find the existence of the connection point, you can not find the unfinished connection, may leave a security risk. Link Technology recommends an in-line deployment, because special jumpers are not directly connected to the network device, so it is not possible to detect jumpers directly from the wiring rack to the server or switch. Of course, to increase the side of the wiring frame, will increase the cost of a distribution rack. If the link technology in the wiring between the cable to connect the standard jumper, the network may have been connected, the intelligent wiring system can not perceive the existence of this jumper, so if the common jumper use into the link technology, it will create a security risk.

With data center as the background, enhance the ability to describe the data center, integrated into capacity management, cabinet management, equipment management, and computer room management. Gradually strengthen the integration with other management systems, such as the ability to increase network management, SNMP has a good ability to support to obtain end-to-end connectivity relationship.

Emphasis on the field and remote management, on the one hand to improve the identification of on-site information, on the other hand, increase the ability of remote management. In order to form a comprehensive management platform, vendors in this area of continuous efforts.

Intelligent Cabling System is a system that links traditional wiring with intelligent management. Through the intelligent wiring system, the network connection structure and its changes automatically to the system management software, management system will receive real-time information processing, users through the query management system, you can always understand the latest wiring system structure. Through the electronic management elements, can be intuitive, real-time and efficient paperless management.

In addition, it is also important to note that special jumpers require an additional good grounding system to ensure a stable contact between the nineth needle and the wiring frame sensing slice.

Generally speaking, both technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages. The common denominator of the two technologies is the use of Out-of-band management mode, not the twisted pair of 1 to 8 for the transmission medium, but in the port or side to increase the induction ability to determine the location of the jumper. Of course, intelligent wiring also has other technologies, such as transmission line carrier technology, as well as the link technology improved into some port technology advantages, I believe that intelligent wiring technology will be further developed on the hardware.

From the software point of view, the product direction of the manufacturers are basically the same. In view of the current development direction of several foreign manufacturers, there are several development aspects.

Strengthen the software management ability, through the backstage software enhances the graphical interface, joins the electronic work single mechanism, enriches the report function, enhances the alarming ability. At the beginning of the electronic wiring frame, one of the most important functions is to help realize it process, international intelligent building, architectural design and do it process is the form of electronic task form, that is to give users a guided jumper operation, from your management and maintenance, to form a good process, rely on the electronic task Order, The electronic task order from the sending instructions to the completion, the end, the entire system has a strict record and database synchronization.

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