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First, preface
In the increasingly fierce business competition between enterprises today, how to quickly achieve customer demand, how to quickly and easily develop, modify, update, maintain software project system functions, how to reduce the cost of software development, how to reduce the impact of company personnel flow on software development projects, how to improve team development efficiency, How to reduce the developer's technical level requirements, how to shorten the development cycle, how to develop multiple projects at the same time, on the basis of our company developed a software rapid development platform (software Rapid development Platform) tools, referred to as SDP. Through the software rapid platform can quickly and easily design and development to generate B/S architecture HTML project software.
Ii. Overview

SDP Software rapid development platform is a set of object-oriented application software rapid development platform. Through the graphical, visual simple drag set operation, the rapid design of our required forms, processes, reports and so on, fully reflect what you see is the resulting development effect; The SDP is a fast software development platform for enterprise applications that can be easily, quickly, and High-quality development of complex business systems, including EIP (Enterprise information portal), ERP, HR, OA, CRM, EAI (Enterprise application integration), MIS, JXC, e-Government platform, information resource management system, data Mining analysis report and other software systems. Through the report engine, users can integrate dispersed business data in the enterprise, make all kinds of complex web reports (statistics, graphical analysis, data drilling, etc.); Through the workflow engine users can quickly set up the production of various types of business operations process, through the powerful page design capabilities, can quickly create a variety of complex business form design The development design (function, element, data) of the design completion permission can be defined through a simple few steps, which can reach the page element level permission, the data permission is accurate to the horizontal, vertical, column and cell control. The development platform supports users to develop various types of business libraries two times, while supporting the business integration of other systems. The business documents generated by the SDP development are all HTML files, and all the base class libraries and style functions are implemented with the minimum version requirements, and the browser compatibility is completed effectively.

(A), SDP design side-Login

(B), SDP design side-Design

(C), SDP run--project

Third, the characteristics

01) Rapid development of the system, directly generate code, saving labor, cost savings
02) Visual design, easy to use, easy to update, maintain, deploy and easy to operate

03) Support multi-person multi-project collaborative development, improve collaborative work efficiency

04) Reduce the amount of programmer code, only a few JS code to achieve complex business functions

05) can be based on customer needs, rapid development of the demo version, especially in large-scale project research docking process, for the document is not intuitive, through the rapid generation of the demo version (in fact, the following formal program) so that users very intuitive to see the final results of software projects, the project to the results of a multiplier effect , follow-up once again for the business of complex business logic processing can complete the project development, basically project research completed, software project basically stereotypes development has been completed, efficiency and effect has been improved.

SDP saves development costs and develops rapidly, thus meeting the needs of system changes brought about by the rapid development and change of enterprises. General just graduated programmer as long as simple training, you can develop the project page, only need to be simple JS program, you can quickly complete the normal business documents save, modify, delete, list, output, query and other functions; After many Tests, Generally a little bit familiar with the development of the day can basically develop dozens of business forms and functions, the efficiency has been improved unprecedented;

SDP is low on developer requirements and needs to be realized quickly by clearly managing the needs of the enterprise. Developers need to understand a certain SQL syntax, usually a week can be trained well. Of course, this is only for ordinary business, if it is a very complex business logic update, still need a technical high point of people to write DLL class library to perform the update, so the company can divide the technical level of developers, reasonable allocation of tasks, can achieve this goal.

SDP is scalable, adaptable, and reduces the risk of companies duplicating software purchases. The enterprise can develop various systems on this platform, integrate together, make full use of.

The SDP designer can support multiple project configurations, choose different configurations for different projects to enter different systems, and implement a set of platform operations for multiple applications. All systems operate in the same way, and no retraining is required for each new system.

The SDP enables rapid deployment of updates every time a new system is implemented or an older system is upgraded, greatly reducing the effort of the implementation and maintenance staff.

One) SDP has developed a large number of basic modules for developers, developers do not need to repeat the development, such as organizational management, personnel management, personal affairs, news management, System management, rights management and so on. If you need to modify, directly modify the corresponding files to complete the new requirements.

SDP provides the ability to send mail by configuring the mail server on the Web side, while providing the internal messaging and news notification capabilities that are essential to meet daily needs.

SDP platform development generated projects, is a pure HTML source files, users can easily read the changes. (software project is b/s structure)

14) Easily implement the functional design of complex business pages through visual page design

15) quickly create a business workflow through a flowchart design module.

16) through the report design tool, can make the logical Chinese-style complex report (including chart, print, output, etc.)

Iv. applicable

SDP software rapid development platform applicable to: Software developers, end users, program developers   

(1), software developers        For software developers, the entire project can be developed based on the SDP software rapid development platform, reducing research, design, development, and maintenance costs.

       easily and quickly implement a variety of customized software application projects through the development platform. At the same time support the company's internal staff of multi-person multi-project development. Greatly improve the software development efficiency.   

(2), end-users       end-users, such as production-oriented enterprises, if the end-user has a certain development capability (or an IT development team), can analyze the business requirements, According to the actual situation within the enterprise, customized development of business systems in line with the company's daily use requirements (e.g. ERP, CRM, order management, after-sales management, personnel management, payroll management, performance management, production management, analysis of reports, etc.); Developers can then fully utilize the SDP software rapid platform to develop their business systems autonomously.   

(3), program developer       If program developers own some projects, they can develop projects independently through the platform, easily implement project development, deployment, installation, maintenance.

SDP Software rapid development platform can develop application-based software:    EIP (Enterprise information portal), ERP, HR, OA, CRM, EAI (Enterprise application integration), MIS, JXC, e-Government platform, Information resource management system, data mining analysis report, etc. application-based software

Five, the composition

The SDP software rapid development platform mainly consists of three parts:

Winform c/S software designer

1. Main functions: Data collection, page design, process design, report design, module design, authority design

(1), data collection production Design database table, view corresponding data set for subsequent page design, list, query, save, modify, etc.

(2), page design and design business document form, support single table Form, Master and slave form, process form, List form, query form, select form, chart form, etc.

(3), the process design by dragging the process node elements, to configure the parameters of the process node, drawing production business flow chart, through the process engine to automatically achieve business document flow.

(4), report design through a similar Excel table design control, combined with a strong cell expression to achieve complex Chinese-style report production in the design. Support QR code, chart, pagination printing, output Excel, etc.

(5), module design definition set the Function module menu of software project, support system, module, function definition; Support node icon custom design

(6), the authority design through a simple page permission scheme definition, quickly realize the permissions of the document page (function, element, data (Landscape, Portrait) permissions can be accurate to the field level of the page)
2, auxiliary functions: Data collection, file upload, coding rules, reference library, platform expansion, platform settings, etc.
Software project (IIS) source code files generated by the software development platform HMTL b/S Architecture software project

Third, software project Database (sqlserver\oracle) system software project database file (support Sqlserver\oracle)

V. Technical

SDP platform is a set of WinForm-based C/S architecture object-oriented software rapid development tools, through the SDP development tools to develop a B/s architecture (HTML) software projects.

Design end: SDP Software rapid Platform Designer program

Development tools: Visual Studio2010, Winform, C #,. NET Framework 2.0

Operating platform: windowsxp/windows2000/win7 and above;. NET Framework 2.0 IE6.0 and above

Second, the application side
Application side: Software project program, running through IIS deployment

Development tools:. net2.0, JavaScript, HTC, Ajax, HTML, C #, CSS

Server side: Win2000server/win7/win8 and above server Edition; IIS6.0 and above;. NET Framework 2.0

Client: IE6.0 and above (if you want the report to print directly, you need to install the. NET Framework 2.0) Report Direct print control is a C # developed print ActiveX control;
Limitations: WEB-side applications The current version of this platform is based on the. NET2.0 various engine class libraries developed in C #, so this version can only be limited to Windows systems at this time. Subsequent updates can support the Java version for cross-platform implementations.

Third, the database is currently developed to support two databases: ORACLE, SQL SERVER2000 and above. For other types of databases, users can extend their support later.

VI. deployment
The SDP Software rapid development Platform (c/s) deployment is very simple, through simple project configuration and database connection configuration, you can complete the deployment of the platform. Software project deployment is also a very good way to configure software projects directly through IIS, and detailed instructions and descriptions can be found in the Download Center.

Development platform Detailed Introduction

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