Development of some foreign PS3 homebrew

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I spent some time browsing the latest results and news, which are summarized as follows:

1. Many people started to access framebuffer. At least one horizontal scroll can appear soon.

2. Phil Harrison still insists rsx needs to be protected
Http:// SID = 07/04/20/0641209

3. hypervisor APIs are being extracted step by step from Linux kernel.

4. Someone simply writes the boot loader and can call the hypervisor API.
Http:// T = 8333

5. By compiling the kernel and adding a new MDT module, you can access and use the MB memory.
Http:// T = 8267

6. terrasoft (the company that released ydl) may be working on the SPU-based Mesa implementation. It seems that it is not close to harmony.
Http:// T = 39606

7. unsolo has implemented the SPU-based yuv2rgb color space conversion, which provides the most basic support for the optimal mediaplayer.
Http:// T = 8194

8. ralferoo implements a python-bind, similar to a luaplayer game library, which allows you to easily use scripts to manipulate Core Components and write logic.

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