DevOps Troubleshooting (1)-operation and maintenance thought

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Linux OPS is not just a matter for a system engineer, but also a developer involved. To better solve the problem.

Thought decides action. Therefore must have the operation dimension thought, can the better action, the first time eliminates the fault. The most important basic law of operation and maintenance is beforehand, can be controlled in the matter, can be checked afterwards. To achieve a few is a good operation and maintenance engineer.

1, divide the problem space. The problem can be categorized by dichotomy, which belongs to that category. Instead of a problem, look down. At the same time who is responsible for more into that category and inform each other.

2, communication method, it is best to communicate in person, to lock is why this problem, rather than lock who's code or operation caused by the problem. So that we can better solve the problem. To find the essence of the problem, we can just let go of the argument and find the source. Otherwise, everyone is responsible for the responsibility. Not just tell the truth.

3, try to solve the solution more than before.

4, record problems and solutions.

5, understand the changes.

6, understand how the system works. Many people are always suspicious of their unfamiliar, or unknown, nature. For the operation of the same, encounter problems always think that they do not know the DNS, in my company is so, has occurred a DNS problem, after encountering a fault will say that the DNS problem, I will ask you the basis is what, after training they do not have such a problem.

7, using the Internet sparingly, the network can help us get closer to the problem, but sometimes it keeps us away from the problem.

DevOps Troubleshooting (1)-operation and maintenance thought

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