Diagram of ip time dual-WAN port router performance

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Ip time dual-WAN port router is a new product in the domestic market, but it is a promising router. Not only is the appearance good, but the performance is also the best among similar products, the following tests can show its strength.

Diagram of ip time dual-WAN port router performance

Use the NetIQ network quick detection software QCheck for testing:

First, let's introduce this table! I believe many of my friends know how to identify whether a device is good or not depends on whether the processing capability and performance of the router handle packets are stable. The values 100, 64, 512, and 1000 are the data packet sizes. We use different data packets to test the processing capability of the router, so that the performance of the device can be fully demonstrated. Response Time is the processing Time. Throughput indicates the processing capability.

In the ip time dual-WAN port router QCheck test, the router response TIME is very stable, and the basic test value is 1 ms, as an enterprise-level router, this level should be achieved. This is different from the several wireless routers tested earlier by the IT world network channel. Of course, the home-type products in the first hundred yuan age must be different from the thousands of devices.

Use the NetIQ professional network detection software Chariot 5.0 for testing:

This is the result of a 64 K data packet measured under a single thread:

Throughput record chart

64 K data packets, single-thread Throughput and Response Time scores

Continue the same test under a single thread of K data packets:

Throughput record chart

K data packet, single-thread Throughput and Response Time score

After the above two performance tests, the average value of Throughput in 64 K packets is 23.263 Mbps = 2.9 MB/s, and the average response time is 0.022 seconds. In the ip time dual-WAN port router 42.629 K test is 5.33 Mbps = 0.096 MB/s, the average response TIME is seconds. Continue the same test in the k multi-line (20) process:

Throughput record chart

K data packet, 20 thread Throughput and Response Time score

The result of the test is displayed in 20 threads. The average value of the test is 67.532 Mbps = 8.44 MB/s, and the average value of the response time is 1.203 seconds. This result is better than the result of a single thread, and the response time is relatively long.

Test results: The preceding test results show that the processing capability of the router is medium to high. Because the ip time dual-WAN port router does not disclose the CPU, memory and other hardware parameters of the device, there is no comparison of hardware equipment, which can only be compared with the product price. As we all know, it is definitely incomparable For devices of Yuan to be compared with those of Yuan. Since there is no hardware Parameter comparison, this can only be compared with devices of the same price. In the market, there were not many duwan Port Routers in their early quarters. Such a price, coupled with such a function, provided satisfactory performance. I will not talk about the principle of selling goods at a cost.

In general, the processing capability of IP0416 is relatively good. It can be seen from the processing time that the tested value in QCheck is 1 ms, and the value remains very stable. Second, the device is also satisfied with the processing capability of packet forwarding, especially in multi-thread testing. However, the stability of the product is not enough. You can see from the maximum and minimum values in the test that the difference between the minimum and maximum values is large, and can also be shown in the graph, if the performance of the device is stable, the graph will remain in a very stable state without great fluctuations. This is where the manufacturer needs technical improvement.

Small test: In addition to the performance test of the vro itself, a simple test was conducted on the line backup function of the ip time duwan port router. We set the WAN1 port as the main WAN port and enabled the line backup function. We used QQ to send a file to a third-party tester outside the network. After QQ transfers the file connection, we have disconnected the line of the WAN1 port, and the files sent can still be sent out. It is a built-in network traffic monitoring tool. Through this tool, we can determine whether the data transmission curve is faulty or fluctuating.

After repeated tests, the results still show that the line backup function can indeed achieve the backup effect.

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