Diagram of volume size for Windows 7 computer tuning microphone and sound output

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1. In the lower right corner of the computer there is a volume icon, drag the slider as shown in the following picture, my notebook is the same.

2. If we do not see the adjustment icon on any of the columns, we can click it in the "Start"--> "Control Panel", as shown in the following figure;

3. Go to the Control Panel and click on "Hardware and sound" details as shown in the picture;

4. Get into the hardware interface Click "Sound" (the second red box);

5. When we double-click or click "Sound" will pop up a sound panel, in the Sound panel we click "Play"-"speaker" Right click it then pop-up menu click "Properties" button;

6. In the Pop-up Speaker Properties dialog box, on the Level tab, drag the Realtek HD Audio output (shown here, which may be different from your computer's display) to adjust the volume size, sequentially click "Apply", "confirm";

Note: If the horn icon is mute, you can cancel the mute by clicking the Horn icon.

7. Okay, now we click on the " level" click on the right side of the "balance" will pop up a balance dialog box, where we can adjust the left and right sound,"forward" and "backward" as shown in the following figure.

8. Then we're going to "microphone volume" We click on the recording in the sound panel and then we right click on the microphone (you need to access the microphone before you can adjust the microphone volume, if you have a front microphone connector, select the microphone labeled green check mark to indicate that you have access to the microphone, "properties" Click as shown in the following figure;

9. Then in the pop-up Microphone Properties panel We click on the "level" and then we will see the following image interface, we can adjust the slider left and right to operate, the left box number, the larger the sound will be greater

Well, from the above, I found that this operation in the windows7-windows8.1 system microphone sound and output sound adjustment methods are basically one to the OH.

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