Difference between fixed points and indefinite points

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These two concepts are defined from different perspectives.
Indefinite points are all the original functions of a function, and are a function family (set of functions );
A definite point is a sum limit related to a function and a real number.
In terms of concept, the two are completely different and unrelated, or they are inconsistent with each other.
However, the Newton-laveniz formula associates them. This is the greatness of the two pioneers. Although they do not seem very esoteric today, on the contrary, some people will confuse these two concepts. If these two concepts were so easy to mix, we would probably not be able to wait until Newton was born, and calculus was created early.
The Newton-rapz formula tells us that the limit of the definite integral is equal to the value of the original function of the product function in the right endpoint of the integral range minus the value of the Left endpoint. The Definite Integral is also related to the original function, this is probably the reason why points are called. However, this name also has a side effect, because the indefinite points only have one "no" word more than the fixed points. Some people think they are the same or slightly different, this is probably the reason why this problem was raised today.
It is recommended that students who want to learn advanced mathematics should not ask about the difference between indefinite points and fixed points, but learn them separately as two completely different concepts and never mix them together again.
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