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Google adsense's search advertisement has two forms: a traditional search box and a search alliance launched not long ago ". What are the differences between the two types? The following is an introduction.

I. Ad positions in search results are different:

1. The advertisement in the traditional search box appears above the search result (see the figure below );


2. Search alliance ads appear on the right of the search results (see the figure below );


2. Different search box styles:

The biggest difference between the traditional search box and search alliance is that the search alliance can display links of related keywords near the search box. For example, if a webpage introduces a second-hand notebook, the search box on the page displays the keywords related to "second-hand" or "notebook". Click these keywords, you can directly go to the search results page.


III. Revenue Commissions are different:

At present, google is vigorously promoting the search alliance, which is higher than the traditional search box. The specific height is unknown because google has not published specific standards. According to my observations and analysis, the revenue of each search and click in the search alliance is at least twice the price of the traditional search box.

4. Differences in CTR:

Because the ad of the search alliance is displayed on the right of the search result page, the ad click rate is lower than that of the traditional search box. According to the statistics of my websites, the search alliance searches about 10 thousand times a day, with a click rate of less than 10 and a click rate of less than 1‰, which is far lower than the click rate of the traditional search box.

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