Difference between Win-builds vs Mingw-builds

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The difference is Simple:they has little bit different goals.

In particular, if you want to develop on Windows (i.e. don ' t need cross-compilation) and then you better off with Mingw-b Uilds project which essentially provides several Feature-rich variants of the Mingw-w64 toolchain. The table in the link gives good summary of the features I ' m talking about. You can basically pick the compiler based on your requirements to addressing model, threading model, exception model. I consider it mature and stable as I use it to everyday work and I ' m very satisfied with the quality.

On the other hand, Win-builds Project's primary goal seems to be cross-compilation. You'll notice that in their thesis in the link, and you'll also notice that it's less feature-rich than mingw-builds< /c3>, hence you has less flexibility with it. It is also relatively new compared to mingw-builds, so I would expect to potentially experience some issues with it.

Note: Please, understand that both of these projects is simply builds (distributed ready-to-use binaries) of the MINGW-W64 Toolchain (GCC port for Windows which supports both x86 and x64 targets) on whose web-site both links above is point Ing. They is provided only for user convenience, so that we (users) don ' t has to hassle with compilation of the Mingw-w64 too Lchain ourselves, but nobody prevents the from doing so if you ' re experienced enough and know what are you want.

For further reading in related topic and c++11, I would recommend my other answer which you might find Interestin G.

Good luck.

Difference between Win-builds vs Mingw-builds

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