Differences between the levels of integrated wiring systems

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Differences between the levels of integrated wiring systems

In general, the levels of Integrated cabling systems are divided into three types: integrated, enhanced, and basic. So what are the differences between the three types?

Level 1: Comprehensive

The integrated architecture is suitable for scenarios with high configuration standards in the Integrated Wiring System. It uses optical fiber cables and copper-core twisted pair wires for networking. An optical cable system should be added to the integrated cabling system based on the basic and enhanced cabling systems.

● The main feature of the integrated cabling system is the introduction of optical cables, which can be applied to large-scale smart buildings. The rest are the same as the basic or enhanced type.

Differences between Integrated Wiring System Levels

All basic, enhanced, and integrated cabling systems support Voice/Data Services and can upgrade cabling systems as needed by smart building projects. The main differences between these systems are as follows:

● Support for voice and data services; implement line management flexibility when moving and re-deploying.

Level 2: Enhanced

The enhanced type is applicable to medium configuration standards in integrated cabling systems. It is made of steel-core twisted pair wires. The configuration is as follows:

● Each work zone has two or more information sockets. Each work zone has two wiring cables with four pairs of twisted pair wires;

Hardware is handed over directly or through plug-ins;

Each work zone has at least three pairs of trunk cables. Enhanced cabling systems not only provide enhanced functionality, but also provide room for development. It supports voice and data applications and can be managed using the terminal board as needed. The enhanced cabling system has the following features:

① Each work zone has two information sockets, which are not only flexible but also fully functional. Any information outlet can provide voice and high-speed data applications;

② Uniform color labels can be used to manage Terminal boards as needed;

③ It is an economical and effective integrated wiring solution that can create departmental environmental services for multiple data devices;

④ Gas discharge tube type overvoltage protection and self-recovery overcurrent protection.

Level 3: Basic

The basic model is applicable to scenarios with low configuration standards in the Integrated Wiring System. The copper-core twisted pair wires are used for networking. The configuration is as follows:

● Each work zone has an information outlet. Each work zone has a wiring cable with four pairs of twisted pair cables;

● Hardware is handed over by clamping. The trunk cable in each work zone must have at least two pairs of twisted pair wires.

The Basic Integrated Wiring System supports Voice/Data. Its features are as follows:

① It can support all voice and data applications and is a price-competitive Integrated Wiring solution;

② Applicable to voice, Voice/Data, or high-speed data;

③ Facilitate the management of technical personnel;

● Over-voltage protection using a gas discharge tube and self-recovery transitional protection; supports data transmission in multiple computer systems.

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