Differences between the phpcms and Zen cart Architectures

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Speaking of the two open-source systems phpcms and Zen cart, although their functions are different, the analysis of their architecture phpcms is superior to Zen-cart. phpcms is a set of standard MVC design patterns, and views andCodeSeparated, pages are loaded through a unified portal. Of course, zencart is also a unified portal. The difference between them is that phpcms will first reference the root directory file include folder common under any directory. inc. PHP, and then follow the standard loading sequence to initialize classes and data as needed. The difference between Zen-cart and Zen-cart lies in the standard process under this directory, for example, if Zen-cart is in the admin folder, it will need require ('regiondes/application_top.php '). Here, the destdes folder is in admin/include, where you will find the homepage index. PHP will also be the same process, and the loading order is the same, but all files are inRoot directoryInclude below;


In common, phpcms has content_form.class.php, and Zen cart has html_output.php. html is similar to a control and encapsulated in a class or function. However, html_output.php can directly assign an initial value to form. class. PHP needs to be completed in combination with Custom Field

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