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  • Distinguish countries by IP address in PHP
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Distinguish countries by IP address in PHP

How can I use PHP to distinguish countries and regions through IP addresses? Maxmind.com provides a set of GeoIP solutions. It takes only a few steps to determine the visitor's country through IP address in PHP.

1. Download database and PHP library files

  • Download GeoID.dat.gz and decompress it to the GeoIP. dat file.
  • Download geoip. inc.

2. Use PHP code to obtain country information
The following is a Demo code to show you how to obtain the Country Code and country name.

<? Php // introduce the PHP Library File include ("geoip. inc "); // open the local database and save the data in the GeoIP file. $ geoData = geoip_open ('geoip. dat ', GEOIP_STANDARD); // obtain the country IP address $ countryCode = geoip_country_code_by_addr ($ geoData, $ _ SERVER ['remote _ ADDR']); // obtain the country name $ countryName = geoip_country_name_by_addr ($ geoData, $ _ SERVER ['remote _ ADDR ']); // close the local database geoip_close ($ geoData);?>
Differentiate countries by IP address in WordPress

WordPress must be Okay since it is Okay to use PHP. Let's see how I use it.

1. Place database files
Decompress GeoIP. dat to the WordPress root directory (you can find the wp-config.php or wp-config-sample.php file in this directory)

2. Compile the call interface
Create a folder include in the topic directory, place geoip. inc in the new folder, and create the file geoip. php In the folder as follows.

<?php include('geoip.inc'); global $countryCode; $geoData = geoip_open('GeoIP.dat', GEOIP_STANDARD);$countryCode = geoip_country_code_by_addr($geoData, $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);geoip_close($geoData); ?>

The country code is used as the identification basis. The country code is a global variable to avoid repeated access to GeoIP. dat to obtain information and reduce program overhead.

2. Call the interface to obtain the Country Code
3. Open the header. php file and add the following code to the top of the file.

<?php include('include/geoip.php'); ?>

4. Use Country Code
Call the code in the topic, for example.

<? Php global $ countryCode; if ($ countryCode = 'cn') {// code executed in mainland China} else if ($ countryCode = 'us ') {// code executed in the United States} else {// code executed outside mainland China and the United States}?>

It is very accurate to identify visitor sources through IP addresses. Currently, some foreign trade websites use this method to display area scores to users. For example, users in the United States can see products and logistics information available in the United States by default. however, it is not accurate. For example, if someone goes through the wall all the year round, he may never see the information of his country. as to whether differentiated processing is required, the website is mainly considered.

Someone may ask, what is the performance of adding such an item? Will it require powerful servers? I tested it. Normal servers have almost no impact on page loading performance. You can check the speed of this blog. If you are not at ease, test it yourself.

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