Digging long tail keyword and value analysis's actual combat secret

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Probably a lot of network promotion novice will say, Target keyword optimization task already is a work that can't gasp, who still have time energy to excavate and optimize long tail keyword! The idea may be that you haven't fully realized the effect of the long tail keyword. Or your boss is under too much pressure to take care of it.

When the target keyword competition has reached a very fierce situation, or peer's target keyword has been done evenly, long tail keyword cooperation promotion, will play a decisive role. The traffic generated by the long tail keyword collection is very considerable. So how do we quickly dig long tail keywords and analyze valuable long tail keywords?

  First, fast mining long tail keywords

1. Long Tail keyword Tool collection

These tools are available online as well as downloaded software. For example, there are webmaster tools, 51, CNZZ tools, such as statistical devices. I use the fly Ruda can catch almost all the long tail keywords, the disadvantage is some less relevant also include it.

2. Baidu Related Search Collection

If you have Baidu promotion account, you can use the system in the background to provide you with all the keywords. If it does not matter, you can use Baidu related search collection. Baidu related search includes the search box tips and tips at the bottom. As long as the use of these two parts to expand, the so-called Baidu Index, Baidu Encyclopedia, you can ignore it all. Because the above method has been collected very completely. If I do Puer slimming tea, I first in Baidu search for weight loss, and then Baidu search box will be prompted 10 key words related to weight loss, all down, and then, a search, and the bottom of the relevant search of the 10 keywords also recorded down. 10 key keywords, corresponding to each have 10 related search terms, 100 key words will easily income in the bag. In this way, you can continue to expand for valuable keywords. Do Baidu rankings, these words very accurately reflect the habits of Baidu users.

3. The relevant channel collection of the famous website

This method is quite rare and is summed up by personal experience. If I do weight loss products, I choose the Pacific Women Slimming Slimming channel, browsing the above information, some information provides a refreshing and valuable keywords. such as the elimination of abdominal tea, fiber leg tea, slender waist tea, fair Lady tea and so on. Using a well-known channel, you can find valuable words the first time.

4. Other methods

Other methods include geographical development, collection of seasonal development, collection of career development, collection of gender development, and collection of user's thinking habits. These expansion methods need to open up the thinking, or stand in the user's perspective to analyze the research.

  Second, the analysis of valuable long tail keywords

1. Whether it is related to the positioning of product service

For example, to do Puer slimming tea, the core is Puer tea weight loss, not pu ' er tea, nor weight loss pills. Therefore, in the selection of long tail keyword marketing, we have to do is "pu ' er tea can lose weight," "Puer slimming tea has effect?" and so on. Not "pu ' er tea how much money", "puer tea good to drink" such words. Horseshoes, striking difference, must accurately locate the core keywords, and then around the core to do the excavation. It is very important to learn to analyze product service positioning.

2. Whether there is marketing value

Although we found a number of long tail keywords, but if these long tail keyword is not from the user search habits, or simply not marketing the nature of the keyword, then our pay will not be rewarded. Give an example, for example, do Puer slimming tea, long tail keyword has self-made slimming tea, from the user angle analysis, I just want to find some self-made slimming tea method, as long as the safety and everyone agree on it, I do not want to pay for the purchase. Therefore, this long tail keyword we do not need to consider. This article by the bi-slim (http://www.biyaotiao.com) webmaster This pang not too ugly original, reprint please keep the link!

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